Learn About Sculture Cirugia Plastica, the Pioneer in Aesthetic Medical Tourism in Colombia With More Than a Thousand Satisfied Patients

Learn About Sculture Cirugia Plastica, the Pioneer in Aesthetic Medical Tourism in Colombia With More Than a Thousand Satisfied Patients

For several years now in the surgical medical industry, medical tourism has become a growing trend. Patients who want some cosmetic surgery travel to the country where the treating physician resides and works, and are attended by specialized staff often at more accessible prices. 

One of the countries where this type of tourism happens is Colombia, where different procedures are performed because there are many doctors of excellent quality and with state-of-the-art technology, who offer excellent services at a reasonable price.

Sculture Cirugia Plastica is a company specialized in aesthetic medical tourism. They provide all their international patients with the best experience and unforgettable service since their arrival in Colombia, including reception, transfer, lodging, food, and specialized care for a completely successful recovery. 

More than 1,000 patients have chosen SCULTURE as the #1 plastic surgery company in Colombia for seven through which they have transformed lives and bodies, honoring their motto:

Nothing changes if you don’t change.” Says Andrés Valderrama the owner of SCULTURE.

SCULTURE came to be after Andrés and his team realized the needs that people who are looking for plastic surgery have. THey want security, tranquility and satisfactory results.

“Sculture Cirugia Plastica became the way to close that gap and meet those needs.” Andrés explains and adds, “I made the decision to start SCULTURE with the purpose of improving my life, my family’s and that of all the people that trust our company to see their dreams come true.”

SCULTURE provides unique experiences for people who have a complex relationship or problem with their body. That is why at the end of each service, what is most important to the SCULTURE team of professionals is what their clients think about their results.

It is gratifying to see our video testimonials of each and every one of our patients, where they express their gratitude for the service and experience, which in their countries of origin they would never have had.” Andrés says.

Sculture Cirugia Plastica is different from other centers or clinics that perform plastic surgery because they are a human company that prioritizes the safety and experience of each patient.

We are sincere at the time of counseling. We are transparent with the patient about their expectations. We never create false expectations about their results. We explain each of the procedures and possible complications that could occur during the post-surgery period.” He explains.

SCULTURE is totally transparent with patients at all times including the financial aspects since the rate they provide the patient is the same from their arrival through their departure.

There are companies that after having the patient in the country begin to add extra fees for no reason.” Andrés says, and adds, “We offer personalized services to each patient both in terms of their recovery space and the exclusivity of having nursing service and care 24 hours a day.” 

Like any business and company, SCULTURE has had to overcome many obstacles because of the pandemic. But the team never let hard situations discourage them or lose their focus. 

“It is important when you have a business to have the right mindset to never give up despite the difficulties that arise along the way. We always have that desire to move forward and fight tirelessly until we achieve what we want.” Andrés states.

In the future, Sculture Cirugia Plastica will continue to be a bridge that helps people overcome the barriers that are imposed in the form of self-rejection. They will continue to be the human company that is a pioneer in aesthetic medical tourism, while working on increasing the number of locations they have nationwide so their patients have a wide range of options.

If our patients are looking for quality, safety, and confidence, we are and will be their best option to achieve their dreams.” Andrés says.

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