Learn How To Grill Everything: Regio Parrillero Shares His Tips That Can Make You A Grill Master!

Learn How To Grill Everything: Regio Parrillero Shares His Tips That Can Make You A Grill Master!

Rafael Tamez, also known as Regio Parrillero, is the successful content creator who is revolutionizing the culinary industry. Through his multiple channels, Regio Parrillero shares diverse recipes of barbeques, grilled meat and other dishes. Plus he also teaches his extensive community how to cook them!

“Since I was a child, my family lit up the BBQ every weekend and I loved it!  Growing up, I did the same thing with my friends and then we would cook meat on the grill regularly. Over time, my curiosity increased as did my knowledge and experience in the kitchen”, Regio Parrillero shares.

Before being known as Regio Parrillero, Rafael, worked in a travel agency. It was not until 2019 when the ordinary became extraordinary with the start of the covid-19 pandemic which forced all businesses to close and suspend travel, so Regio Parrillero found himself without work and income. 

Due to the latter, Regio Parrillero had to change his plans and that’s when he got enlightened and decided to resume his old hobby of cooking grilled meat but, this time, creating an account on social media with the goal and vision of being acknowledged as an influential content creator regarding barbeques and sharing the entire process. 

So on April 10th, 2020, he created a new Instagram account (@regio.parrillero) without knowing the great adventure that would be.

“Quickly, my content became a great success! I started gaining more and more followers, meeting more people related to the industry and connecting with other Mexican content creators. Soon after, well-known brands got interested in my work and asked me to work together on paid partnerships. That was how my hobby became a full-time job”, he remembers.

Up to date, he has worked together with diverse brands going from small local brands up to international, including 7-Eleven, HEB, US Meat, Walmart, Bimbo, Club de Futbol Monterrey, LALA, Coca-Cola, Weber BBQ Grills, Kanka Grill, Proan Meat Pork, Bacardi, Uber Eats, Sam’s Club, Nestle, KitchenAid, National Governments and many more!

Back then, when he started creating content on social media, people thought that it was just recording a recipe and uploading it… They didn’t know the effort behind drafting the idea, buying the products, executing the recipe, editing it  and uploading it at the right moment. It was, indeed, a full time job! His  path was difficult at the beginning since he had to invest a lot in equipment, products and time. “On top of that, I was unemployed at the moment and as time passed by, work and dedication started to pay off!”, he remembers.

“For me, success means being able to work on what I love: sharing tips and recipes for everyone who wants to cook delicious food and surprise their loved ones”, he comments.

Regio Parrillero began his path in social media with only 2 grills, and currently has more than 20! As a content creator, part of his goal is to make enjoyable content both for him and his audience as well as explain step by step the preparation of his recipes and, above all, stay at the forefront of the latest trends.

Regio Parrillero has big plans and goals for 2023, such as continuing to grow in social media and become internationally recognized, organize face-to-face grill courses, learn more about the meat market and collaborate with more people in the industry, including grillers, chefs and much more!

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