Lenin Perez Is A Young Entrepreneur Blazing A Trail For Other Young Entrepreneurs To Follow. Find Out More Below.

Lenin Perez Is A Young Entrepreneur Blazing A Trail For Other Young Entrepreneurs To Follow. Find Out More Below.

Lenin Perez is an entrepreneur who is constantly striving for more. Coming from Maracaibo, Venezuela, he had a dream to come to the United States and play baseball. During his time here, better opportunities came along which led him to focus and blossom into the world of business.

“I was born in Maracaibo, Venezuela on October 10th of 1997. I am 23 years old and I consider myself an entrepreneur. I came to this country in 2015 with the purpose of getting a scholarship to play baseball. After graduating from Ronald W. Reagan High School, located in Miami, FL, I was given an offer to play baseball at Western Nebraska Community College.  After facing multiple circumstances with the cold weather and the culture I decided to come back to Miami. I continued my education at Miami Dade College in which I was honorably given a scholarship  from Radio Caracol. After 3 semesters I graduated with an Associates in Business Administration and moved on to Florida International University, which is ranked the #8 University on a nationwide scale for International Business. During my time here,  I obtained a major in Finance and International Business with a certificate in International Bank Management.  Graduating with a better insight from a business perspective, motivated me to continue my education, including obtaining the State of Florida Real Estate license, and a certificate in Music Business from the known Berklee College of Music,” Lenin explains.

Lenin, took advantage of the business foundation he was learning of, and was granted an opportunity to work in multiple industries. This incredible feat was not easily done and took years of him perfecting the art of business and learning from his mistakes.

“While I was in my last semester at FIU, I was given the opportunity to enter the seafood industry, and work for Seafarers, Inc. the largest importer of fresh HPP Venezuelan Blue Crab meat, and Frozen Ahi Tuna, along with their partner company Saltwater USA leaders in the Salmon division. As a sales executive, I started to sell fresh and frozen seafood to the United States, Canada, the Caribbean Islands and South America. Leadership and dedication allowed me to grow in the company and hold the current position of National Sales Manager, leading the crab meat sector of the company. Apart from my daily job, I have invested in multiple industries, including the music business, ecommerce, and real estate.  Each industry reflects Miami’s culture: promoting artists on all platforms, distributing merchandise through Amazon, and searching the dream home for my clients. Each industry going hand in hand, allowing me to flourish and diversify myself, and most importantly enjoy the process,” Lenin remarks.

Despite his success at a very young age, Lenin has had to constantly prove to many people that he is capable of being a businessman. He is often labeled as too young to be able to conquer the difficulties of business, so people write him off, not knowing his true potential.

“I’ve overcome the obstacle of being referred to as “too young” numerous times, by proving them wrong with my work. Ever since I was a young boy, I surrounded myself with people who were older and more mature, shadowing and learning their steps into the business world. People are constantly telling me I am too young to succeed, however, success doesn’t have an age limit. Success can be found in all ages as long as there is discipline, commitment and humility. It is a challenge for me to work for a company in which I am the youngest and that most of my colleagues have been in the industry since before I was even born, however, it is a bittersweet experience knowing that every step I take is an accomplishment and it is moving me closer to my goal, ” Lenin states.

Lenin continues to grow and be successful because of his ability to be fiercely independent, his great tendency to learn and most importantly maintain his personality.

“I believe that I am very different from my competition because I never stop. As a young man I think I am disciplined, responsible, and I don’t  limit myself. I am so ambitious and focused on the things that I want to achieve that 24 hours a day are not enough for me.

I make sure to workout early in the morning everyday, so I can be at the office before everyone else is, to be ahead of the competition. I always have in mind what I want to accomplish, and even in my sleep I am already planning what my next movement is going to be. Last but not least, I am an active learner. Listening to podcasts, consuming valuable content, and reading articles lead myself to be ahead of the game,” Lenin says.

To find out more about Lenin, check out his Instagram here.