LenZo & Co. is Not Your Typical Watch Business. They Buy, Sell, and Trade, but Also Do Much More to Foster a Sense of Community.

LenZo & Co. is Not Your Typical Watch Business. They Buy, Sell, and Trade, but Also Do Much More to Foster a Sense of Community.

Watches are a staple for any good outfit. Whether they are seen just as an accessory, a technology gadget, or a way to tell time, watches are crucial to living your everyday life for a number of reasons. They also are a great variety of watches both when it comes to function and fashion.

LenZo & Company was created to offer a new site that combined luxury with a community feeling in the watch world. Offering to buy, sell, and trade watches, LenZo & Co. provides a one site for all of your watch needs.

“LenZo & Co. was founded by a community of watch enthusiasts. What once was a platform of sharing exclusive watch images quickly grew to a world of buying, selling, and trading watches and other valuable goods. LenZo & Co. has gained enormous industry recognition for their exotic timepieces and is ready to service you,” Lenzo states.

The company was born out of Miami when a group of watch lovers founded the group to provide a new outlet for people to share their rare items. Now, the group has become much more than that. They are able to maintain great relationships with their customers and their original group by following through on feedback and customer comments. This is how they stay ahead of the watch curve and continue to be one of the few sites that does all that they do.

“Founded over 20 years ago and based in Miami, we have created one of the most enviable collections of rare watches in the world. Direct customer feedback and superb customer service to over 2,000 clients worldwide has managed to keep LenZo Watches ahead of its competition. We have managed to stay ahead of our competition by offering superb service and holding one of the most impressive collections of rare and vintage timepieces in the world. With a business model based on quality rather than quantity, we anticipate being a leader of the luxury watch industry for some time to come,” Lenzo says.

LenZo & Co. have found that watches are much more to people than just what they appear. They are also wearable investments that they can enjoy and benefit from for many years to come. To them, the decisions they make regarding their watches will last more than just the lifetime of the watch.

“The timepieces and fine jewelry LenZo specializes in are nothing short of wearable investments. Luxe brands like Rolex don’t just hold their value, they can actually appreciate over time. Sport watches tend to hold the most value with the GMT-Master II, Submariner, and Cosmograph Daytona at the top of the list. The current Rolex Cosmograph Daytona, with its trademark stainless steel case and black ceramic bezel, is not so easily available and boasts a waiting list for interested buyers,” Lenzo remarks.

LenZo & Co. show no signs of slowing down. They plan on continuing to be a site for all watch lovers near and far as a place where they can gather and get to know each other as well as share a passion for rare, common, luxury, and standard watches. To find out more about their business, check out their website here and check out their Instagram here.