LVLTY: Luxury Rentals for Your Vacations To Have All The Comfort You Deserve

LVLTY: Luxury Rentals for Your Vacations To Have All The Comfort You Deserve

Traveling and getting to know new places and cultures is one of life’s beauties. Some trips are planned to be low budget, but others are planned to be completely different. You want a vacation to relax and pamper yourself. After picking the destination, the place to stay is the next step. And Luxury Short Term, commonly known as LVLTY, is here to help you with that.

LVLTY is a tech-luxury rental business in the US, Europe and the Caribbean. Basically, it is a platform similar to Airbnb but with luxury places to stay when traveling. It also has the option of renting cars and it sells different touristic experiences with the maximum luxe.

LVLTY strives to create the WOW feeling for its clients. For this, they are the most creative, using the best technology and providing the best guest experience. It works with unique properties and partners with local businesses to provide private chefs or drivers if the client wants to. 

Currently, in Spain, LVLTY is present in Ibiza, Madrid, Marbella, and Valencia; and Miami and New York City in the US. But they are working to expand to 7 different locations in America and others in Europe as well.

The idea behind providing something so luxurious is that the client feels 100% comfortable in his/her vacations. Even if it is a business trip, comfort is the priority and LVLTY works to bring that to you. For example, guests can connect the property where they’re staying and the car they are renting to their phones. This way, they can open the property with just a click, while being completely safe.

José Manuel Sánchez aka Josema, a young Spanish entrepreneur, is the head behind this business. After finishing his career in Computer Engineering, he developed a technology based method to manage rental properties from any part of the world. After the COVID-19 pandemic, he saw an opportunity and decided to start LVLTY. 

This method allows the company to monitor and control all its properties 24/7 with smart IoT (Internet of Things) devices, creating a unique and exclusive experience to its guests. To know more about such an experience, you can click here.

Josema’s and LVLTY’s story shows that the company receives an annual income of six figures and is set to hit 7 figures in the near future. Now LVLTY’s success led Josema to open his own mentorship program, The BNB Academy, which is now expanding to help more than 200 entrepreneurs to generate more than $100,000 with their renting businesses.