Mario Prawira, inspiring others to create stellar video content

Mario Prawira, inspiring others to create stellar video content

Millions of people have been lucky to capture moments through recordings and share them over and over for future generations to enjoy- simply with the click of a button. For many, it’s important to capture these images and videos in unique and creative ways for social media. Social media platforms continue to push boundaries with their marketing efforts, by allowing creators to create attractive content to promote their businesses. Mario Prawira, and his business partner, Julius Lucas, runs an online course to teach individuals how to create great content on their mobile phones.

Mario started off working as a model in early 2018 and mid-pandemic, like millions of other individuals, Mario hit a rough spot financially in 2020. He had to choose between doing something he despised and staying true to his passion. 

Thus, Mario moved on to creating his own unique content on his phone for different restaurants and hotels. By 2021, he established himself as an independent mobile videographer and started creating tutorial videos on social media, on topics such as “how to create content on just a mobile phone” which went viral on Tiktok. 

“The creative aspect of videography is art. There is freedom in the way I am allowed to express myself and it’s beautiful.” says Mario 

With enormous traction on social media, people started asking him, constantly, questions on how he makes his videos and how he edits them. That’s when he and his business partner, Julius, launched Video Zen Masters, a mobile videography bootcamp software, in the form of an online course for people looking to create better video content on their phones.

This Bootcamp was created for anyone who wants to be able to create better video content with their phones, regardless if it is for business promotions or for personal reasons. Video transitions, a technique used in reels and Tiktoks made by the movement of the phone, are also taught in the course. 

This year and next, Mario will continue to focus on his own professional development and scaling his own business without harming others that also deserve to prosper. 

Check out Mario and Julius’ website to learn how to make stellar videos on your phone, and follow Mario on Instagram @mario.prawira for inspiration.