Meet Barbara Sanchez: The Venezuelan Entertainer and Businesswoman Behind the Healthy Supplements Line “It’s Possible”

Meet Barbara Sanchez: The Venezuelan Entertainer and Businesswoman Behind the Healthy Supplements Line “It’s Possible”

Barbara Sanchez is a Venezuelan entertainer and businesswoman from the city of El Tigre in Venezuela, who runs the brand It’s Possible, which offers natural products for people to improve their appearance and health. 

Since she was a little girl, Barbara dreamed of participating in the Miss Venezuela pageant, one of the most important in the world and a widely followed event in the country. She was able to make it at age 21.

“Even though I did not win, the Miss Venezuela platform propelled me to new levels and I was able to achieve many other things through hard work, effort and dedication.” Barbara shares.

Before participating in Miss Venezuela, Barbara was already part of the modeling industry through which she modeled on different catwalks around the world. This along with her beauty pageant experience led her to new job opportunities.

Barbara became an animator of the iconic television program Super Sábado Sensacional, and participated in important reality shows, plays, the daytime show Vitrina, and more. 

“Once I moved to Argentina, I started to host the television show Conexión América, which is transmitted by DirecTV Sports and reaches seven countries.” Barbara says, and adds, “Today, I am also a mother of two beautiful children, and I dedicate myself to my business and continue interviewing music artists for a space called La KW.”

That business is It’s Possible, which Barbara launched in 2016, after years of being involved in the beauty industry. It is a line of supplements that help people feel better, gain energy, achieve their ideal figure, and improve their overall appearance with 100% natural products. 

We have positively changed lives, and we have shown people that it is possible to be, look and feel better.” Barbara claims. 

Barbara launched It’s Possible with her husband Carlos Velazquez, motivated by their entrepreneurship skills and passion to stay healthy. They have been faithful to the slogan of: we believe it, we live it, we achieve it.

“We follow that slogan because this is how we were able to change our physical appearance and improve our health. We ourselves tested the products. We changed our physical appearance and improved our health. That is why today we offer products with total peace of mind knowing they are high quality and effective.” Barbara states.

Barbara and Carlos’ dedication to It’s Possible in order to provide quality products and prove their efficiency is what makes them stand out from other supplement service companies.

“We know we are working in an industry that has a lot of competition, but we decide not to pay much attention to that competition and instead focus on continuing to grow and improve day by day not only professionally but also commercially.” She explains.

Initially, Barbara started with a capital that only allowed them to start with a single product and little by little thanks to the acceptance of their product they have been growing in sales, incorporating new products and reaching more countries that have led them to become leaders in the Latin supplement market.

Regarding future projects, Barbara and Carlos are currently focused on growing their line of products and supplements through the incorporation of new products into their brand. They also consider it important to continue expanding in other countries as the brand currently has a presence in 13 countries in the Americas. Learn more about Barbara and It’s Possible here.