Meet Carlos Acevedo: The Businessman Behind A&P Logistica, a Company That Offers Transportation, Supply Chain and Distribution Services

Meet Carlos Acevedo: The Businessman Behind A&P Logistica, a Company That Offers Transportation, Supply Chain and Distribution Services

Carlos Acevedo is the businessman running A&P Logistica, a company dedicated to logistics and transportation services. A&P offers supply chain and distribution services to global customers.

Since he was very young, Carlos has thought that life offers much better learning than going to schools. He trusts knowledge that is gained through practice, and also realized early on that he wanted to be his own boss.

I started my own business at an early age. I was motivated not by necessity but by a real will to get ahead, to be independent and autonomous. I have always wanted to be the one to set my own rules and goals. Being my own boss has always been essential for me.” Carlos shares.

That desire to be independent and autonomous in his life, in addition to considering himself an entrepreneurial person in constant search to improve and grow both personally and professionally, led him to create this logistics company. 

A&P Logistica, my logistics business materialized in a natural way. I had contacts with both suppliers and potential customers and so it was just a matter of taking a risk.” Carlos recounts.

A&P Logística offers all kinds of transportation services around the world. They are able to offer the market real and innovative solutions through consultancies that are tailored to the needs and requirements of their customers, offering the services required by the supply chain.

For him, the logistics business has always seemed attractive since it is the type of business where expansion and growth has no limits. There will always be a need for logistics support and A&P can provide it.

It is not about simply buying and selling. It is about understanding the client, their needs and urgencies. Every operation or project is different and every day is a new challenge.” Carlos states, and adds, “Our goal is to provide comprehensive solutions tailored to each of our customers. We like to go above and beyond and not settle for just covering their needs, but also anticipating the difficulties of their business and the market in general.”

There are always different reasons why people decide to start a business or venture. Carlos decided to start A&P Logistica because of his own ambition and vision. He wanted to devour the world and be a part of those who made it and are key drivers and role models in the world of entrepreneurship.

“One of the first obstacles and challenges we experienced was making ourselves known, and above all gaining the trust of both customers and suppliers. Being an intermediary, one must always keep in mind that the supplier must be ‘taken care of’ as much as the client.” Carlos explains.

But the biggest challenge was the COVID-19 pandemic and how everything changed in the world because of it. The crisis generated by the pandemic and the changes still experienced two years later are difficult to deal with.

Today, A&P Logística stands out in the logistics market, which is very saturated by many providers, because they are always connected and committed to their essence and mission. 

We are a service provider. The commitment and dedication of the entire A&P Logística team are vital to us. Having an efficient and committed team in every situation sets us apart. It is not only about meeting the client’s needs, but also about anticipating and deciphering their concerns and areas of opportunity.” Carlos says. 

Looking ahead, A&P is looking to support companies that not only require logistics services for their supply chain but also would like access to consulting services on legal issues, procedures to launch entrepreneurship projects internationally and customs information.

One of A&P’s main objectives moving forward is to expand and have our own offices in certain countries that are considered key for our current and future operations.” He adds. 

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