Meet Curator and CEO of Library of Colors Cosmetics- Nikki T Anthony

Meet Curator and CEO of Library of Colors Cosmetics- Nikki T Anthony

Meet the Queen of Storytelling Nikki T. Anthony. Not only is she a multi-faceted Author, who transformed from Corporate Technical Writer, to highly sought after Ghostwriter, Literary Consultant, and Content Development Editor, she’s also the Author turned beauty entrepreneur who has created the literary inspired cosmetics line Library Of Colors Cosmetics-corrective cosmetics for beginners. “Good storytelling requires a good story.” is not only the mantra that the beauty-preneur swears by when crafting stories, but also when developing her literary inspired beauty products. Resulting in her mantra inspiring her debut ebook inspired eyeshadow palettes, titled “The Short Story Series” which embodies 8 palettes, of different shade variations.

Growing up, Nikki always dealt with constant teasing due to her dark pigmentation around her eyes. It wasn’t until her teenage years when she found makeup that fit her skin tone and capable of covering her insecurity. Realizing the power of makeup, with the shade, she turned her pain into someone else’s purpose because she genuinely wants to help others feel just as beautiful as she does.

As a result, Nikki launched her business to also address a dire need for variation of skin tones within the beauty community. Millions of people have dissimilarities in skin tones, uneven features, of which aren’t portrayed in beauty ads everyday. Those are the individuals that Nikki wanted to focus on with the Library of Colors, by providing her own variety of foundation skin shade in order for women like her, who struggled with the same issues, can learn to love their flaws. 

“Whatever flaw a woman was born with, I want that woman. It’s important that my customers know that I support them because I know how it feels to be singled out because you look different. And feeling like I’ll never be able to look like that woman because of the difference in appearance.”

Like many other entrepreneurs, Nikki struggled with consistently working on herself while keeping the same positive energy everyday. Nevertheless she continued with the mindset as she knew that it was equally as important as finding the packaging and products for her business and clients. Now with Nikki’s successful business running, she is not afraid to highlight what other brands are afraid to showcase in their beauty ads.

Currently, Nikki is committed to scaling Library Of Colors Cosmetics beyond her imagination. In the next 12 months her team is on track to add an Additional 100 cosmetics products from concealers, to foundation’s for every shade imaginable. Their mission now is to ensure that our brand is inclusive, and live up to that standard of integrity by creating all inclusive products that promote beauty for all. 

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