Meet Diana Marcoccia: The Venezuelan Actress and Content Creator Behind a Successful Party Company For Children in Florida

Meet Diana Marcoccia: The Venezuelan Actress and Content Creator Behind a Successful Party Company For Children in Florida

Diana Marcoccia is a Venezuelan actress and content creator, who is the founder of Caroline Party, a party and entertainment company for children based in Florida, United States.

From a very young age, Diana was in the world of art and entertainment. She began as a dancer when she was eight and ventured into singing at 14 when she recorded her first album.  

“My first album propelled me to the small screen. I started working for major television channels such as RCTV where I worked as an actress and host of a children’s program.” Diana shares.

Diana also acted in miniseries for teenagers and soap operas for the TV channel Venevisión. Her last role in Venezuela was as one of the stars of the movie “El Infierno de Gaspar Mendoza” (The Hell of Gaspar Mendoza).

When she arrived in Miami, Diana started to participate in Telemundo soap operas and in theatrical productions in Micro Teatro, Paseo de las Artes, Koubek Center, among others. 

But besides the world of art, Diana has also been attracted to the business world focusing on creating an entertainment company for children’s parties called Caroline Party. They offer different services such as actors dressing up as the children’s favorite characters for their parties.

“In the last five years, I started creating lifestyle and comedy content for YouTube and Instagram. It took a turn when I became pregnant with my first daughter and today the content I create is focused on motherhood, sharing tools and experiences for other moms, and talking about the opportunity to engage in entrepreneurship from their homes.” Diana explains.

Diana’s main motivation is her daughter and her family. She also started her business because of the desire to have time and financial freedom, but to achieve that she had to overcome the obstacle of making the leap from TV to business.

“Understanding that I had to move from the TV screen to the phone screen was a hard task. It was very hard for me to take the step to create content. I felt it wasn’t art and that I was leaving my career aside. Now I think it was the best decision and it has opened many doors for me, positioning my entertainment company in this city with so much competition. Today it is one of the best and most important companies.” Diana states.

Diana manages to differentiate herself from her competitors through her social media because of the authenticity and transparency she shows, in particular in relation to her life as a mother. 

“I show people motherhood without filters.” She adds.

Her company Caroline Party manages to differentiate itself from the rest because of the quality of the staff that works there. They organize the best children’s parties with princess shows, face painting, character dolls, magic balloons, and much more.

My entertainers are all artists and many are friends. They work with their soul.” Diana says.

In the near future, Diana’s projects include continuing to grow and scale her business as well as her social media reach by generating more genuine and enjoyable content.

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