Meet Dr. Jonathan: The Colombian General Dentist and Oral Surgeon Who is Known as a “Smile Designer”

Meet Dr. Jonathan: The Colombian General Dentist and Oral Surgeon Who is Known as a “Smile Designer”

Dr. Jonathan is a dentist specializing in high-level esthetic dentistry, implant dentistry, and oral surgery. He is often referred to as a “smile designer” and works in Cartagena and Medellin in Colombia. How did he get here?

“At some point in my career, I was determined to leave everything behind. But one day when we started our hospital rotations in one of the poorest neighborhoods of my city, everything changed. What happened was that after helping that community, having contact, and being able to take away the pain, fears, and shame of not having their teeth, I knew at that moment that I was in the right place. I knew that helping to change the lives of those people more than a business was a vocation of service.” Dr. Jonathan shares.

That experience became a before and after for Dr. Jonathan, who is motivated every day by the possibility of improving not only the physical aspect of the person but also the psychological part, giving back to the people the self-esteem they may have lost.

To be able to bring back to life those smiles that didn’t feel alive, to be able to draw those curved lines that straighten those paths that had been lost and return self-esteem that had disappeared inspires me.” He says.

Something that has also helped Dr. Jonathan was the rise of social media that have served as tools to promote the professional aspect of many people, entrepreneurs, businesses and professionals.

When I started studying in New York in 2015, I realized that social media was so powerful. I would upload a post saying I was studying and then I would ‘pull’ promotion and people would be interested in seeing me studying. This way I would sell and sell and sell to such an extent that the social media platforms became my livelihood.” Dr. Jonathan explains.

One of the biggest obstacles that Dr. Jonathan has overcome was his own restless personality and how it could at times influence decisions that led to economic mistakes. On this, he says: 

I have always been very restless. Therefore, this has made me make bad decisions, bad investments and of course led to economic problems. I have gone through and overcome two bankruptcy processes.”

But this does not stop him, as Dr. Jonathan believes that at his young age, he is creating an empire that can grow past those mistakes with the necessary maturity he is acquiring. 

Likewise, the COVID-19 pandemic was also a challenge for Dr. Jonathan as during it he had to close two businesses. But he overlooks this, as during the pandemic, new doors opened to that led to where he is now.

What makes Dr. Jonathan stand out from other dentists and oral surgeons is not only his professionalism, but also his charisma. He is a very friendly, convincing and detailed-oriented person, and his work speaks to his authenticity.

I think I have a very particular charisma. I like to create empathy and a bond of friendship with my patients that even some become almost family.” Dr. Jonathan adds.

Currently, Dr. Jonathan is planning to open a dental clinic in Cartagena de Indias, a city loved by tourists. There, Dr. Jonathan wants to attract the American public to enjoy a week of mini-vacation and change their smiles.

Dr. Jonathan is also thinking about expanding to Miami and opening a dental and cosmetic surgery clinic with an excellent team there. At the moment, he is reviewing the budget and the necessary licenses to make this new project possible.

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