Meet FastlaneLord: the producer turned artist climbing the charts at 80mph

Meet FastlaneLord: the producer turned artist climbing the charts at 80mph

Artist and producer FastlaneLord knows what it takes to overcome. With the odds stacked against him from a young age, LordMichael Cameron Grant – better known as Fastlane Lord – had to dig deep and grind through every challenge life threw at him. Now a successful producer who has worked with the likes of industry artists such as Don Q, T-Rell, Uncle Murda, and Boosie BadAzz, FastlaneLord nevertheless started out with nothing. Effectively orphaned at a young age and forced to support himself, Fastlane took a big leap into the music industry – one that is finally paying dividends as FastlaneLord rises to the top of his game.

“You have to have strong will and determination,” shares Fastlane Lord, “because this isn’t an easy industry to get into. And when you begin breaking down the door, you must focus even harder because this game can throw you off your pivot. There are many hidden obstacles in this music game and plenty of other players who will be trying to trip you up on your way to the top. No matter where you started, though, there’s a chance for those who are willing to work hard and grind it out to succeed.”

That grind has clearly paid off for FastlaneLord. With his own freshly minted label, Fastlane Recordz, FastlaneLord has been building a devoted following one day at a time. Whether recording and mixing alongside famous artists like Boosie BadAzz, or getting tracks radio-ready, FastlaneLord brings his A-game to every facet of his work. In a world of copy-cat artists and undistinguished sound, FastlaneLord is shifting gears to bring something new into the ears of his artists and fans. Pulling deep on his roots and tapping into the culture that he is already immersed in, FastlaneLord’s new tracks smack of originality and deliver an entirely new type of sound.

“50 Cent was my biggest inspiration in getting into the music industry,” Fastlane Lord recounts. “He went against the grain at every opportunity and made the world believe in the type of artist he was – not the type of artist others wanted him to become. It can be incredibly hard getting your name out to the masses when your sound is still so new to the world, and handling money and real life obligations can burden even the most talented artist. But I have always strived to complete any task that I put in front of myself, so this type of grind came a little more naturally to me than it does for most people.”

Now with two hot new projects – “The Driver and the Shooter” and “Heartaches & Pains” – out this year, FastlaneLord is poised to take the rest of the hiphop world by storm. In his latest music video, FastlaneLord fires verse after verse into the camera, bars dripping with lyrical poise and a mastery of his craft so rarely seen on the rap scene. Posed alongside rapper Bruce Banna, decked out in diamond watches, riding in a blacked-out Range Rover Sport, it’s clear to see that FastlaneLord has made it in the world of music. Under the hood, though, is a man who’s fought all his life to make a name for himself; someone who struggled for years to finally make it to this point. 

Moving forward, FastlaneLord looks to build on earlier success through the release of several music videos and a new R&B track under his independent label, Fastlane Recordz. Making moves alongside other famous rappers and producers, FastlaneLord is moving up the ladder to hiphop stardom, building a devoted following through his music and social media. In an age when everyone else sounds like everyone else, Fastlane Lord is making a name for himself by standing out and apart from the crowd. Keep an eye out for his newest projects wherever you listen to music.

You can follow FastlaneLord on Instagram (@fastlanelord) for his latest videos and releases!