Meet Genesis Dumoulin, the Content Creator Known As Genesis La Chama On Instagram and TikTok

Meet Genesis Dumoulin, the Content Creator Known As Genesis La Chama On Instagram and TikTok

Genesis Dumoulin is a Venezuelan professional and specialist in dentistry who moved to the United States in 2017 looking for better quality of life for her and her daughter. Since the pandemic, she has focused on marketing and entertaining her followers through her social media as Genesis La Chama.

Before migrating, Genesis went through a traumatic kidnapping in Venezuela, which drove her to look for a different life. Once she had settled in the United States, everything changed when the COVID-19 pandemic struck.

During the confinement, many people who previously did not use social media began to engage with it to distract themselves. This was the case of Genesis, who started using TikTok. 

“What started as a distraction turned into what I now call ‘my fun job.’ I don’t like to label things but if I have to give a formal name to my business, I would say I work in marketing and mass entertainment.” Genesis shares, and adds, “I have achieved the dream of many: to be able to monetize my social media just by being happy and entertaining people.”

In the end, it was her own need for a distraction and her enjoyment of making people laugh that motivated her to help people take some distance from the terrible reality millions were living in 2020.

I realized that from my digital window people could find a different content that would help them forget for a few seconds of the horror and fear that many of us were living.” Genesis says.

Today, Genesis’ personal brand (@genesislachama) on Instagram and TikTok amasses more than 350 thousand followers, and has been gaining recognition and strength since 2020. 

My personal brand has opened and continues to open many doors for me in the world of advertising, events, and shows. It is something that I will not move away from.” Genesis states.

Genesis has what it takes to grow in the entertainment and social media industry because she is a spontaneous and fun person, who loves the cameras and is ready for everything. 

It was not a decision I made and structured for months as a plan or a goal. It started as a distraction that gradually became my fun job. I have always been known for being a very spontaneous and fun person. Few things make me feel sorry for myself in this life and I love cameras. I love taking pictures, making videos, going out, having fun, just like any young girl. What I never imagined is that I could monetize it and to my surprise I did.” Genesis comments.

All people in the course of their professional and personal life go through different obstacles. In the case of Genesis, one of the biggest obstacles she has managed to overcome has been being a single mother and being the only figure present in the life of her daughter Mia Bethania.

Raising her alone has been one of my greatest achievements because we know that God constituted the family so that a child is raised between two, and unfortunately I could not enjoy that. I have been a mom and dad in the good times and the not so good times. However, today if you ask me if I would change anything of what I have lived, I would say no, because all that experience has made me the human being that I am. I love my daughter above all things.” Genesis shares.

Even though she works in a highly competitive industry, Genesis does not believe in competition. She sees other people in social media as her colleagues—she can help them grow and vice versa. 

My personality is what differentiates me from the rest. That’s why I don’t worry about competition because in this little body there is too much material and content to create.” She says.

In addition to all this, Genesis is a faithful believer in God’s word and has a heart always ready to help those who need it without expecting anything in return and this quality led her to create a foundation called “Nueva Vida New Life.”

“‘Nueva Vida New Life’ is an organization that is in charge of helping cancer patients. I know that through it I will be able to help many more people.” She adds.

In the near future, Genesis will continue to grow her social media platforms and form alliances with different brands and personalities. In her personal life, she will also continue to study to be able to work as a dentist in the United States.

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