Meet JayTime, The Nigerian Songwriter and Musician Who Is Revolutionizing The Industry With His Immense Musical Prowess!

Meet JayTime, The Nigerian Songwriter and Musician Who Is Revolutionizing The Industry With His  Immense Musical Prowess!

Music is one of the most ubiquitous art forms in the world. It is a powerful means of connecting people. It bridges linguistic and cultural divides, and is a vehicle for identity and expression like no other. Through the years,  music becomes part of our identities—we gravitate toward certain genres as a form of our own self-expression, and the lyrics and melodies feed the deepest part of our souls. The truth is that music is with us at every stage of life. Here is when Joshua Abiola James, better known as Jaytime, comes in!

Jaytime is a Nigerian appealing musician. He started chronologically as a rapper, instrumentalist and a chorister. His main business is focused on the music industry, he performs live shows, concerts, club shows and much more!

“I am a free soul that loves to connect with people from different cultures and communicate with them via music from afrobeat to amapiano, rap, afro-pop, afro dance hall, afro-soul, RNB, etc. The compendium of my brand and style is my selling point and uniqueness”, he explains.

His motivation to start in the music industry started a long time ago, when Jaytime was a teenager. He has always loved music deeply, so he first started as a drummer and later joined the choir, played drums and sang… Later he realized that the afrobeat genre has a huge demand all over the world, it has quickly become a very popular genre, so he decided professionally to start recording and releasing songs at the end of 2020. The rest was history! Jaytime is now a world-renowned musician, who is revolutionizing the industry with his incredible rhythms.

“Fela & Bob Marley were my first inspiration to the music industry, alongside biggest afrobeat exporters like Wizkid, Burna Boy, Davido”, Jaytime adds.

Jaytime stands as a voice for youth! He began by producing his song “Come to Me”, which had over 1 million views on YouTube. In a risky and innovative bet, he decided to incorporate the services of executive producers who fathom his vision and style of music. 

In fact, award winning Afrobeat producers like Magic Stick, Duktor Sett, Vitek, Soundz & Damie pounced on him to deliver this masterpiece!

He manages to stand out from the crowd by his voice, his style, his vibe and his expression, elements that deeply characterize him and define his musical style. The public loves him for the high quality of his work and for his musical productions, which go straight to the heart.

But of course, not everything has been easy on Jaytime’s path. He has dealt with many obstacles, such as overcoming stage fright. It is well known that everyone gets anxious at one point or another, it’s entirely natural. However whilst some musicians take advantage of their nerves by driving the energy into their performance, others let a racing heart and trembling, sweaty hands get the better of them. Luckily, Jaytime learned how to conquer his fears and belong to the first group of people!

Now, he is described as a fabulous fast rising musician with immense musical prowess. His work is very diverse, he dabbles in various fascinating genres of music with a compendium of contemporary style, rap, dancehall, R&B and Afrobeat. All of this in order to better accelerate and promote African music in the world, which he achieves with great success.

 The release date for his EP has been postponed to January 26th, and his first track called “In The Mood” will be released on December 16th! Here is the pre save link. You don’t want to miss the opportunity to enjoy first hand the incredible rhythm of Jaytime!

It is important to always believe in yourself as an artist.  My advice to aspiring artists is whatever you can conceive in a mindset as rhythm converts it to your music. Always believe in yourself and never give up!”, Jaytime shares.

Despite all the work that he has already done, Jaytime isn’t planning on slowing down any time soon. He details her next steps below:

“My goal is reaching my global audience and impacting them with my Sweetvibe Vol.1 EP.”

Without a doubt, Jaytime’s story is a source of hard work and inspiration not only to musicians, but to all of us. To find out more about him, follow him on Instagram here and check out his website here.