Meet José Alexander Herrán: Organizational Leadership Master Coach

Meet José Alexander Herrán: Organizational Leadership Master Coach

José Alexander Herrán is an organizational leadership master coach. He is the founder and CEO of Formessis S.A. an enterprise that shapes social and emotional abilities in people through a special technique.

José and his wife, Paula Martínez, created the SLP (for its initials in Spanish) technique, which he uses in Formessis to shape leaders. It stands for being, lead and produce, a training methodology based on psychology, neuroscience and philosophy as the main core. Such programs have been used in different companies and organizations in Colombia, Latin America and the US. 

José has always had an interest in human behavior and how humans push themselves in order to achieve their goals. This passion made José pursue a degree in Theology and Psychology.

For 9 years since 2000, José gained experience talking with founders and leaders of enterprises. He realized how important it was having teams and leaders that exploit their competences and abilities to achieve their goals. This is how Formessis was born in 2011.

“We have educated and trained teams from different companies and with different objectives: banks, laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, energy enterprises, universities, public service organizations, among others, with great satisfaction”.

Initially, José’s business was an in-person experience, where they trained 21,000 beneficiaries and students. Later, they decided they wanted to increase their reach and created their Virtual Campus

Fortunately, this step ahead helped José and his wife in 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic struck. People were able to consume their content through their campus, alongside videos, ebooks, podcasts and others.

During the difficult times of the pandemic, José comments they were “teaching how to understand and circulate through our emotions, to live and manage change, have courage to make decisions, leadership, self confidence, conscious communication, empowerment, and other competences”.

For the last 20 months they have taught 13,500 students through their virtual platforms, and taken their podcast to 36 countries. Nowadays, Formessis stands out as a source of information for improvement, not only through conferences and formal classes, but also through blogs, videos, etc.

“We have to dare to make things in order to see the results”, states José. He also mentions that the first outcome will not be the best one, but it is necessary to persist in the lowest moments to reach the other side. For this, identifying your surroundings and relationships and circulating your emotions will help you as well in your way towards your goals. Those tips helped José throughout his journey. Now, he wants to keep training more people with his SLP technique to contribute to the transformation of societies and new generations to come.