Meet Julio Guedimin, The Investor, Businessman and Entrepreneur We All Should Be Listening To

Meet Julio Guedimin, The Investor, Businessman and Entrepreneur We All Should Be Listening To

Economies are powered by innovation. Much of that innovation derives from forward-thinking individuals who possess the drive, skills and background to turn a business vision into reality. The importance of entrepreneurs extends beyond the effect those individuals have on their own companies, however. They impact their broader communities and even the world.

Entrepreneurs have played a pivotal role in the growth of any economy since the 19th century. They spur industry transformations, create entirely new markets, and help to build resilient communities.  In fact, entrepreneurship can be considered a national asset, and entrepreneurs are the drivers of that asset for any country! It is a dynamic process that not only increases wealth but can also create value that results in improved well-being.

Julio Guedimin is one of these incredible entrepreneurs who are positively impacting the lives of hundreds of people. He is a successful Mexican businessman, investor and entrepreneur. To date, he is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Guedimin Corporate Group, a private conglomerate with more than 30 companies in various sectors. What’s more, he’s the Executive Vice President of Marka Entertainment Group, a holding company in the entertainment industry, and CEO of Guedimin Capital, a private equity investment firm.

Since he was little, Julio has had entrepreneurship in his DNA. He fell in love with the world of branding at a very young age, so he decided to start his own brands and businesses, such as a lost pet rescue service, massages for elderly people, dog training services, car washing, web pages creation, bodyguard service and many more!

“The thing that really excited me the most was the process; all that process of paying attention to the daily life and people needs, thinking about problems to solve, coming up with the product idea, branding it, going out and selling it, receiving the money, and then reinvesting it and repeating the whole thing. The whole process was the thing that made me super happy. Not just one specific goal, but the journey itself!” Julio shares.

Shortly after, he stopped offering products and services, and dedicated himself to creating companies. He used to spend most of his time learning about creating and operating companies and how to make money with them. 

After meeting a group of consultants at his first corporate job, he fell in love with the world of consulting and decided that he wanted to create a company in that sector, which he did. The business was called “Guedimin Consulting”.

“Then I expanded the services and focused more on following the path of the big strategy consulting companies (McKinsey & Company, Boston Consulting Group, Bain & Company, Booz & Company, etc) trying to become the best strategy consulting firm. To this day, that company is still running and it became the flagship of the next businesses to come!” Julio shares.

At present, Guedimin Corporate Group has more than 30 subsidiaries within the business and a dozen of affiliated companies. “I founded the Guedimin Corporate Group in 2017 and since then we have added many other companies in different sectors. My entrepreneurial genetics and my natural curiosity are the reason for getting involved in so many businesses!”, he adds.

Julio manages to stand out because he’s an entrepreneur and investor who helps other people to be the same. In addition, he enjoys the whole process of creating a company much more than the result itself. Julio truly loves getting involved in each and every one of his businesses and helping people through the services and products they provide.

“Companies are made to provide value to society. And more companies and more entrepreneurs are needed. I am very interested in building long-term value in things. I firmly believe that the legacy is the most important thing we leave behind as human beings”, he details.

In addition, Julio is committed to the development of Mexico, which is why he helps small and medium-sized companies a lot. He is described as one of the most forward thinkers in corporate strategy in Latin America. With a military background and a down-to-earth approach, he serves as a trusted strategy consultant to Fortune 1000 companies and helps multiple SMB’s.

“If you are looking to start a business, do it. Think no more. Just get up, stop what you’re doing and start. That’s the only way to start a business. All companies are started with questions, not with answers. Don’t be afraid to start. On the contrary, be afraid of not starting”, he advises.

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