Meet Laly Fernandez: The Argentinian Author, Coach and Mentor of Entrepreneurs Helping Businesses Grow.

Meet Laly Fernandez: The Argentinian Author, Coach and Mentor of Entrepreneurs Helping Businesses Grow.

Laly Fernandez is an Argentinian author, coach and mentor of entrepreneurs. She runs a service business oriented to personal transformation, the creation of entrepreneurship from the self for people to live a prosperous, conscious, and purposeful life.

In my business, I integrate my love for writing through my book, my blog, and the generation of content for my community with the sale of info products, workshops, and online courses, as well as retreats and in-person workshops,” Laly says.

Laly was motivated to start her coaching business because of her desire to help people have a different perspective of their life, reinterpreting how they visualize themselves and their story, being able to then consciously choose how they manage their life to get to where they want to be.

Additionally, Laly was motivated by being able to dispose of her time and have the freedom to dedicate herself to her children, travel, continue her training, and in general to be able to carry out different activities that allow her to live in balance.

The third factor that drove Laly was to have financial freedom, something that in her native Argentina is a bit complicated to achieve due to the changing economic environment in that country.

“The digital business model met all the requirements I was looking for.” Laly explains, and adds, “Being from Argentina, I am used to the economic rules changing dramatically in the short term and the lack of stability to plan for the long term. A digital business model allows me to choose where my business will settle fiscally and legally.”

Laly started her company at 19 years old after she reached a point in her life where she felt she was not as happy as she should be since she had achieved many things in a short time. To find a solution, she began to take several courses and training related to self-knowledge, personal development, and spirituality.

In the same way, Laly trained in the area of digital business and digital marketing. At that time, Laly was working as a coach as a hobby because she was passionate about accompanying people on their path towards transformation.

Around this time, Laly wrote her book “Me Conozco Luego Emprendo,” which was motivated by many people that had difficulties with their prosperity or wanted to launch their own entrepreneurship projects but did not have the know-how to do so.

Additionally, at that time Laly had realized that there was no book or literature that was simple to understand and could be implemented quickly by entrepreneurs who often do not have the luxury of time to analyze complex business development processes.

These experiences and acquired knowledge made Laly realize what her mission and purpose was–and so she started to professionalize her services, turning them from a hobby into a real business.

“Today, my goal is to accompany women to transform their lives and create an enterprise from the Self that allows them to live a prosperous, conscious, and purposeful life.” Laly states.

On May 22, Laly presented her book Me Conozco Luego Emprendo during an in-person event in Davie, Florida. The event, which she promoted through her instagram and youtube, was successful and widely attended.

As a coach, Laly is characterized and is able to stand out due to her capacity to provide closeness and her ability to transmit her knowledge in a simple way, which she has acquired from her experience.

Laly likes to work with small groups of people in order to achieve a greater closeness, which is necessary to carry out processes of profound changes. She also shares many tools on her social media platforms so her thousands of followers can improve their daily lives.

I work from self-knowledge and self-love to start a transformation process where women can listen to their heart, trust themselves and act for the life they want to live so they can start creating an enterprise from their being or adjust the business they have underway to align it to their being, making women live a prosperous, conscious and purposeful life.” Laly comments.

In the near future, Laly has different projects including the creation of different strategies to scale her business, which will allow Laly to have more time to write more books and to be able to conduct more virtual and face-to-face meetings not only in Argentina but also abroad.

Last but not least, Laly has also planned the publication of two different books and she estimates that at least one of them could be published by the end of this year. Learn more about Laly and follow her journey here.