Meet Laura Tamayo, Also Known as Laurita Fitness: The Buttock Augmentation Expert, Image and Spokesperson for the Bret Contreras Brand

Meet Laura Tamayo, Also Known as Laurita Fitness: The Buttock Augmentation Expert, Image and Spokesperson for the Bret Contreras Brand

Laura Tamayo, also known as Laurita Fitness, is a Colombian expert in buttock augmentation. She is the image and spokesperson for the Bret Contreras brand in Spanish. 

We offer products and services related to fitness such as Online training: Booty By Bret; Sale of exercise equipment: BC Strength; Book “Glute Lab” (Best Seller); BC Academy: training course approved by a variety of leading fitness associations in the world as the NSCA, ACE, NASM, ACSM, AFAA, and ISSA.” Laurita shares.

Laurita was a victim of domestic violence by her ex-partner which caused her to fall into a state of depression and then develop an eating disorder. She sought help and attended therapies that helped her to a certain extent since she was prescribed various medications that could cause dependency.

To improve her situation and at the same time not run the risk of drug dependency, Laurita entered a physical training regimen that helped her achieve the sense of well-being she desired.

I was able to regain my physical appearance by gaining muscle and getting my curves back. This had a very positive impact on my self-esteem. That’s how I fell in love with fitness training and decided to dedicate myself to helping women overcome not only physical barriers but also emotional ones, feeling stronger and motivated to overcome any situation.” Laurita explains.

Before dedicating herself to the fitness industry, Laurita worked as a court reporter covering violent events in her native country Colombia. She also lived in Brazil and Argentina where she studied for a postgraduate degree and also worked as a journalist. 

At the end of 2015, she moved to the United States and worked as a reporter for a Hispanic television channel. While in the United States, Laurita met the renowned trainer Bret Contreras, who became her mentor and encouraged her to follow her passion for fitness.

That is when Laurita put aside her career as a journalist to dedicate herself to being a trainer and image of her brand for the Hispanic public. She competed for the first time with WBFF in 2021 and obtained her Pro Card taking first place in the Bikini division and second place in the Wellness division.

Laurita manages to stand out from her competitors because the brand she represents is led by a person who has over 30 years of experience, multiple studies, recognitions, books, and everything necessary to be considered the best in the field of training and fitness, with a focus on gluteal augmentation. 

Nowadays social networks can be double-edged weapons that are used by people who call themselves fitness experts and in truth they are not, endangering the health of their followers.

How can someone be a fitness expert if they are not training people, testing methods, reading research, and learning everything related to the subject?” Laurita asks.

It is for that reason that you have to know who to follow on the networks. Bret is the most recognized glute specialist and for that reason, he has a very fruitful business, as his reputation precedes him. Being the image and spokesperson for Bret Contreras’ brand in Spanish has allowed her to replicate her online training model, which is originally in English. 

Bringing it out in Spanish to serve as a bridge to the community that does not speak the language, allowing them to access fitness methods that have helped thousands of women around the world achieve their best version.” She explains.

Laurita is currently working on a documentary about Bret’s life and his influence on the fitness world.

Since he invented the hip thrust exercise, the way we train has changed drastically and so has the aesthetic ideal of women. Before he invented this exercise, bikini competitors, for example, did not have curves and the shape of the buttocks was different. After 2006, which is when this exercise was born, the shape of the buttocks improved considerably and many bikini competitors began to develop a curvy physique.” Laurita adds.

Laurita and Bret will continue to spread their knowledge about fitness and Bret’s scientific findings, as they feel it is important to reach out to people so that they are well-informed about training. 

In a way, it’s a way to combat so much misinformation that is shared every day on social media, without any kind of consequence.”

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