Meet Mariana Umana, self made businesswoman and mother

Meet Mariana Umana, self made businesswoman and mother

If you are looking for a space where you can openly laugh, learn, and share your experiences with someone, then accompany Mariana Umana, known as @ItsMarianaUs on Instagram, where she juggles her dazzling and impressive life of being a millennial mother while being a full-time entrepreneur.

A few years ago, Mariana finally decided to follow her passions to communicate, make herself relatable on social media, and make herself open to whatever opportunities were out there. That’s how her blog came to fruition. “When I first created it,” says Mariana, “it was mainly just a travel blog, where I usually just share my experiences, recommendations and tips, and other things related when I traveled around the U.S.” The years that followed, and just like any blog like Mariana’s that continue to post great content, continued to grow, expand, and covered all kinds of content on topics such as lifestyle, fashion, food, upcoming events, and makeup.

“It was five years ago, following the sudden and unfortunate death of my mom, when my way of thinking in life changed drastically, and when I realized the importance of living life to the fullest.” Now, Mariana is empowered and motivated through social media and tries to teach everyone the same things she learned- live today as if there is no tomorrow, and the importance of living life to the fullest.

Additionally, Mariana said, “Two years ago I became a mother with my first daughter, Mia, and through my social media accounts I talk about what motherhood is really like, unfiltered and without holding back.” Even now, Mariana discusses good parenting, Baby Lead Weaning (BLW), tips and strategies, interactive games, “Montessori philosophy” and much more. Her idea was always to reflect good parenting, without nuances or covering up anything, and talk about what is often not talked about but what all moms think.

First of all, Mariana is a mother, but also a strong and empowering female entrepreneur with her own business. She’s not only a blogger, but a content creator, a model, and a photographer. “The need for communication that I have felt all my life,” Mariana says. “I love relating to others and helping them in any way possible. Also, I love the possibility to motivate and encourage women who are going through or have gone through similar situations.”

Challenges are faced and are overcome. Mariana had several challenges throughout her career, the hardest being the loss of her mother. That, on top of balancing work and motherhood, was not easy. Then came the criticism and negativity from others when materializing her business from the ground up. Not only negativity from others but “Also, our mindset.” says Mariana. “We have to program ourselves for success and accept no less than that, avoid self-sabotage and negative talk as well. Belief is to create!” That belief of being able to inspire women was Mariana’s driving force.“To push them, to motivate them, to make them feel understood and listened to, that’s the most important thing.” says Mariana.

Anyone can follow their passion, the same way Mariana did, where she started what she loved the most and worked for it consistently. Every individual must trust their instincts and be true to themselves. “Surround yourself with people who inspire you, who motivate you to be better,” Mariana says

Fear is inevitable, and fear for Mariana was not being able to live the life of her dreams or enjoy the freedom that she yearned for. That’s why she enjoys every moment that she preaches on social media as a successful female entrepreneur. That success Mariana feels is also thanks to the freedom she has to raise her daughter and eagerly expecting her second child soon. With that freedom, Mariana can share her experiences with her followers and combine them with her purpose in life: inspiring others.

With the ability to raise her children and work from anywhere, in the next few months Mariana expects to amplify her social media reach. “I have several new campaigns that I’m very excited about.” expresses Mariana. As a blogger, she expects to be transparent andcontinue to discuss what real motherhood is like while touching on “not so peachy” topics that every mother thinks about but tends to avoid talking about. “It’s okay to have doubts, to be afraid from time to time, it’s normal! Making mistakes is part of life, and that’s okay. I am honest with my community and that has always been my goal.” says Mariana.

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