Meet Roxana Ventura: The Venezuelan Model and Influencer Who is Growing Her Personal Brand on Social Media

Meet Roxana Ventura: The Venezuelan Model and Influencer Who is Growing Her Personal Brand on Social Media

Nowadays in the business world sometimes it is not necessary to start a business in the classic style, that is to say, a company with offices or branches. Today, people themselves are the brand and business. This is the case of Roxana Ventura.

Roxana Ventura is a Venezuelan model and influencer characterized by her willpower and her constant focus on improving and bettering herself everyday. She leads a healthy and fit life, which she shares on social media. 

My business is my image so everyday I try to learn and improve. My biggest investment is me, therefore, I try to be disciplined with myself. I only achieved it by focusing on improving myself, going to the gym, taking care of my diet, restricting myself from partying to lead a healthy lifestyle and for that, believe me, you have to have willpower.” Roxana shares.

When she was a child, Roxana was attracted to social media like many people. Back then, she used it as a hobby until she realized that if she could grow her profile within the platforms, she could get benefits that could help improve her quality of life and that of her family.

I am not from a wealthy family. Since I was a child I managed my networks as a hobby but soon I understood that if I could climb up they could help me in some way to improve my life and that of my family.” She says.

So when Roxana’s publications began to generate more engagement, views and followers, translating into success in her social media platforms, she knew that this could be her business.

Every type of business brings with it different challenges and obstacles–some are economic or material, others may be a little more personal. In Roxana’s case her obstacles have been language barriers, her appearance, having to adapt to a new country, and dealing with stress.

Many businessmen and women talk about how they differentiate themselves from their competitors through the way they promote or manufacture their products or services. But in the case of Roxana, who is a very focused person, she is convinced that all people are different and that everyone contains a mixture of virtues and defects that make them who they are.

We are all really different. You would have to know me and treat me to get a clear idea of the person I am and saying good things about me does not define me because we all have virtues and flaws.” Roxana explains.

After having lived through different experiences that have made her grow not only personally but also in her professional career, Roxana can advise people who want to start their own business or brand that it is important to have the right mindset.

You need to believe in your abilities, have a strong mind in your goals and fight every day for them without losing focus. If you do not believe in yourself why will others believe in you? We all can have the ability to improve and I know that not all of us have the same tools but if you focus on your goals and on achieving what you are good at, I know that life will give you opportunities. Just don’t let them pass you by and fight to achieve more!” Roxana states.

Currently, the future is promising for Roxana who is very focused on her social media platforms and her Only Fans. In addition, she is looking forward to launching her own beauty salon in the future.
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