Meet Virginia Sanhouse: The Venezuelan Model, Content Creator and Entrepreneur With More Than One Million Followers

Meet Virginia Sanhouse: The Venezuelan Model, Content Creator and Entrepreneur With More Than One Million Followers

Virginia Sanhouse is a 21-years-old professional model, content creator, Tik Toker, and entrepreneur. She is originally from Venezuela and has been living in the United States for four years. Since she was a child, she has been attracted to the world of arts and entertainment.

I used to see great models and I wanted to be like them. My parents have always supported me since I was 13 years old. I took modeling, acting, dance, speech, and diction classes. Besides that, at that age, I also opened my Instagram page.” Virginia shares.

After finishing her high school studies and due to the difficult situation in her native Venezuela, she emigrated to Argentina and then the United States at the age of 18. For her, emigrating was an experience that changed her way of thinking. 

Honestly, emigrating was an experience that changed my way of thinking. I had to put aside my dream of being a model. Having responsibilities and needs taught me to value much more.” She says.

Today, Virginia works as an E-commerce Model for different brands in Los Angeles. Part of her work as a model and influencer is to create content on her social media to promote some brands.

In addition, three years ago, Virginia decided to become an entrepreneurial businesswoman and created an eyelash extensions service business, named Sanhouse Glam LLC located in Dallas, TX. 

Since I left my country I have worked in different places. Coffee factory, blinds factory, another water factory, and the last one I worked in was a supplement factory. The way I was treated in those jobs was not the best. It did not make me happy and I felt stagnant. However, I learned a lot and it motivated me to get out of my comfort zone. I started to focus more on making my portfolio and growing my Instagram page. I did a lot of pro bono work that helped me get more experience.” Virginia explains.

An essential factor in Virginia’s decision to start her own business was her partner who encouraged and motivated her to take the risk to start, believe in herself, and teach her along the way some things when it comes to being her own boss. 

For Virginia, everything changed in 2020 when she opened her account on TikTok and managed in less than one year to have one million followers. After this, many brands started reaching out to her to collaborate.

I did not want someone else to keep telling me what to do or work 12 hours for someone else, so I decided to start doing something different.” Virginia claims.

Among the different obstacles Virginia has managed to overcome throughout her life and professional career has been balancing her life between different responsibilities after migrating. 

When I moved to Argentina in 2017, one of the biggest obstacles was learning to have responsibilities, work and study. Having a balance was difficult, so step by step I was ordering my life and I had more stability. But I can say that I managed to overcome that moment in my life.” She adds.

Once in the United States, an obstacle was learning English, which she now masters after such a short time. For Virginia, competition is not an issue because she thinks that everyone brings something different to the table.

When it comes to competition she is convinced that everyone brings something different and special in their different areas of work so the best competition is oneself by having to be better than the day before 

“The best competition is myself. To always be better than the day before. Everyone has their own essence. You just have to know how to exploit it.” Virginia advises.

In the near future, Virginia is working on her brand of girdles “Sanhouse Fit,” which will go on sale in March of this year. She also wants to get into the music industry and the acting world.

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