Meet Ylande Blanc: The Well-Known Realtor, Tax Expert and CEO Of Destiny Tax Agency Who Is Revolutionizing The Tax Industry With All Her Knowledge & Expertise

Meet Ylande Blanc: The Well-Known Realtor, Tax Expert and CEO Of Destiny Tax Agency Who Is Revolutionizing The Tax Industry With All Her Knowledge & Expertise

Ylande Blanc is quite an amazing woman. She defines herself as a realtor, mom and encourager. She also runs her own tax business for over +10 years, called Destiny Tax Solutions. In addition, she recently launched the Destiny Tax Academy, where clients can take a useful and practical tax course in order to prepare their taxes with confidence and in an effective way.

She was motivated to start on the entrepreneurial journey by her dad, who owned 2 barber shops and one duplex. Ylande used to help him run his shops and collect rent and so she fell in love with that lifestyle and way to understand business. She wanted to have her own life, to create financial freedom and to have a job that she deeply loves and that allows her to help others. That’s what she did and now she is a successful entrepreneur and a business owner.

Destiny Tax Solutions is a tax preparation firm providing tax preparation and tax resolution for businesses and individuals. They provide a complete to end range of services when it comes to issues concerning taxation. In fact, the company has been quite successful in creating tax / business solutions that are in line with clients’ business models.

Ylande understands that one of the main reasons businesses fail is because they lack differentiation from their competition. Now more than ever, it is crucial for entrepreneurs to stand out from their competition. If they do not do this, they will just get lost in the shuffle and look like every other business out there! That’s why her business differentiates from others by having a consistent branding, being the best at what they do and bringing the best customer service possible in the industry. 

She also understands the importance of not comparing herself to her possible competitors. It is a well known fact that if everybody compares themselves to the competition, they may be missing the best opportunities to create repeat—and even loyal—customers.

But Ylande’s path has not always been easy. She has faced many challenges during her entrepreneurial journey, such as striving for perfection. The truth is that while many of us may perceive perfectionism as a positive trait- this is not always the case. Negative perfectionism includes unrealistic performance standards, negative reinforcement and a fear of failure. The good news is that Ylande quickly learned to dance with the obstacles and she didn’t let any of these challenges stop her. Quite the opposite.

Ylande is also a very spiritual person, which has allowed her to align herself more fully to her values, her beliefs and ultimately her goals.

“I start my day with a prayer. I always put God first in my life and my business. If I go a day without praying my day won’t probably go the way I want it to go. A right mindset will enable you to obtain experience quickly and tirelessly as compared to your competitors. The correct mental attitude is vital to your success.  A positive attitude and outlook is a must for successful entrepreneurs”, she shares.

This is only the tip of the iceberg for Ylande! Despite all the work that he has already done, she isn’t planning on slowing down any time soon. She details her next steps below:

I will be working on my course and I am coming out with Two e-books. I am so excited. Can’t wait”

All of her loyal clients can’t wait to be a part of Ylande’s next projects either. Her expertise, quality of work and effectiveness have made her consolidate as one of the most important leaders in her industry.

Listen to people who have what you want and have been where you are. Believe in what you are doing and believe that what you are doing is right. Life is how you choose to see it. Life is how you choose it to be. Life is what you make of it”, Ylande adds. 

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