Model, Influencer & Make-Up Artist, Thayana Valbuena, Offers Make-Up Courses & Schedules

Model, Influencer & Make-Up Artist, Thayana Valbuena, Offers Make-Up Courses & Schedules

Thayana Valbuena is a makeup artist, model and lifestyle influencer. In the makeup world, her technique stands out for providing brightness, a luminous skin and big eyelashes. She believes that the more passion we put into what we do, things flow and show good results. That’s what she does.

To Thayana, success “is about being happy with what we do, every time doing it better. Success can be summarized as fulfilling all our expectations in every aspect of our lives”. She is happy 

She shares how fortunate she is to have people that have always supported her, and boosted her to innovate and pursue more things. Her sister, particularly, is one of these people; she actually was the one who convinced her to do makeup professionally.

Thayana has loved makeup since she was a little girl. But it was 7 years ago when she decided to dedicate more time to it as a professional path. Her sister convinced her and gave her the energy to do so. She used to help her and both did makeup for each other to practice. They had a shared Instagram account called Makeupbyth, where they shared their practices and results.

With time, they began going to events of the industry, making themselves known by people in the environment. They were both being hired for pictures, brands and stores, beginning to build their reputation and career. Many social media followers came and the sisters decided to each have a separate account by request of their followers who also wanted more personal content besides their makeup skills. 

She became a full time content creator in her Instagram account, turning into an influencer to hundreds of thousands of people. She also started modeling, especially photoshoots, which is something she really enjoys. Thanks to her influence, she is now invited to events, site openings in her country, Venezuela, and in the US as well.

Despite having a successful career, Thayana shares how the COVID-19 pandemic was her biggest challenge yet. She never stopped creating content, but due to the quarantine and security measures, events were canceled and makeup schedules were highly reduced. “Nevertheless, at the same time, this difficult time opened an opportunity for me. I started working with publicity, since the rise of deliveries required sponsoring and many brands reached out to me for this job and impulse their businesses through my social media platform”, she shares.

Nowadays, since activities have resumed and there are no more quarantine measures, Thayana continues doing the job she loves the most: makeup and modeling. The results of her work have allowed her to open a makeup studio with her sister in Maracaibo, Venezuela. There, they schedule their clients and offer different courses for people who want to learn how to do make-up.

Her ambition is even bigger, though. In the future, Thayana wants to open a makeup store and sell her own products. In her words: “the idea is to always go for more, ask and give 100%”.