Nallely Pimentel is the Woman Behind “Foro Social Tucson,” an Accessible Roundtable TV Show For the Hispanic Community

Nallely Pimentel is the Woman Behind “Foro Social Tucson,” an Accessible Roundtable TV Show For the Hispanic Community

One of the careers that has always stood out is journalism, given its importance in the world. Truth and transparency remain valued factors that are often possible solely because of journalism.

Through their investigations and reports, journalists can provide credible and truthful information on many topics of daily life. Many great journalists have stood out over the years with their work and influence on other people. Among them is Nallely Pimentel.

Nallely is the leader and founder of Nallely Multimedia, LLC, and CEO of Foro Social Tucson, which is the only independently produced television program broadcast in Southern Arizona and founded in 2019. Foro Social follows a local entertainment and analysis roundtable format.

Nallely’s journalism embraces diversity in perspectives, angles, and life experiences. Nallely Pimentel and TV Foro Social are the voices of those who have no voice, creating content of social interest and impact on other people. In particular, her Latino background provides a unique perspective to engage the Hispanic community in Arizona and across the United States.

As a journalist for more than 18 years in the media industry in the U.S., and Mexico in Televisa Hermosillo, Radio Sonora, Grupo Uniradio, Telemax, Cox, Univision, Telemundo, and Azteca, Nallely has found her inspiration in her community.

“I am motivated by the people, their stories, our families and the children. The vulnerable groups, especially children and immigrants.” She shares.

Nallely is active in local and global communities, advocating for children’s rights. She is motivated to give her audience an opportunity to get to know each of her guests on the Foro Social Tucson TV.

During December 2019, the great idea of presenting a unique and special TV show concept of its kind materialized. A forum where the community could feel connected and heard regarding controversial topics with purpose and encouragement towards human growth and development. With an academic touch where we would consider the key elements to continue growing together and developing new talents, skills and abilities. This is a space where our guests could expand on their comments, allowing our audience to know more than just the character or professional, but also the human behind each of these stories.” Nallely explains.

Despite what the COVID 19 pandemic has meant in the workplace, Nallely’s journalism has grown and spread its coverage throughout Latin America and around the world. Thanks to social media and her close interaction, she has been able to reach people from and in other nations such as Spain, Austria, Costa Rica, Peru, Bolivia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Argentina, Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, to name a few.

Likewise, Foro Social has been able to grow on Instagram due to their publicising of genuine not fabricated stories, which differentiate them from other mainstream media channels. 

We are engaging because we show the nature and simplicity of our vulnerable communities, of our entrepreneurs in crisis and leaders figuring out how to decipher the radical changes that were coming.” She adds.

Foro Social Tucson also touches on topics that no one dares to talk about such as emotions, insecurity, and death. They also hosted a political forum for the presidential debates and elections between Biden and Trump. 

Topics such as leadership, hope, plan B for our entrepreneurs, the issue of femicides that overwhelmed all of Costa Rica. All these topics together reached a million views thanks to our audiences and followers on social media.” Nallely says.

Nallely differentiates herself from other journalists by having a special connection with the Hispanic community around the world and her own diversity represented in her multicultural ancestry and Spanish and English fluency.

In the near future, Nallely is looking forward to their remodeled studio, a new film project, and producing publications in English for various media in the English-speaking market. 

“I am also working on a very personal book as a leader of my Hispanic people. A special thanks to all my team but especially to Edgar Núñez, Esteban Mendívil, and Orbelín Villa.” 

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