New & Used Containers with E Containers by Andrés Valencia, an Adaptive Containers Enterprise with Environmental Responsibility

New & Used Containers with E Containers by Andrés Valencia, an Adaptive Containers Enterprise with Environmental Responsibility

E Containers is a container sales enterprise with international reach. The’re specialized in adaptation and acquisition of new and used maritime containers with innovative design and architecture designs applied to those containers. With more than 10 years in the market, the company has grown to be a global leader in the industry.

“Our containers are designed to offer the best transportation and storage services according to the different necessities of our clients. Additionally, our product lines are focused on various market groups and segments that fulfill environmental norms and are built to withstand weather conditions,” comments Andrés Valencia, CEO and founder of E Containers.

Andrés is motivated by his passion for what he does and a clear vision of his goals. After securing the investment for his business, he decided to begin and never look back. To him, it’s never too late to start a business. But to do so, you should take into consideration the following challenges or tasks:

  1. Set short, medium and long term goals for your company and in each of its departments. Consider concrete goals that are possible and can be measured.
  2. Choose the actions and strategies that will move you towards those goals.
  3. Check the company’s real life situation through accounting, with this you’ll know what’s the necessary investment.
  4. Analyze possible future problems that could stop your business from growing.
  5. Establish controls for your plan to check that you are fulfilling your goals as you predicted.

It’s definitely not easy, but it’s completely worth it. To make E Containers the leader enterprise it is today, Andrés had to go through all this and many changes. In 2006, the company opened as a logistics and transportation containers company in Bogotá under the name Soluciones Modulares. A year later it solidified its presence in Colombia by opening operations in Cartagena and Medelñín, and later expanded to Miami with great success.

In 2013 it changed its name to E Containers, and began international expansion through the US.The following years, the company did not only grow in clients, expanding to Panama, CHile, Peru, Ecuador, Brazil and Mexico, but it also grew in products as well. It implemented the SAP system, a specialized software in digital innovation in order to have better control over the enterprise.

Finally, 4 years ago, E Containers brought mobile solutions to their containers, with an expert team of designers, engineers and architects. Now, E Containers develops projects completely adapted to its clients needs. It also launches standard products like pools, commercial units, for huses type 1 and houses type 2.

To those who want to start a business, Andrés recommends: “Entrepreneurship is a constant and enriching learning process. Listen to the advice to others that have gone through this journey before you, and apply them to your business.”

Andrés’ next step for E Containers is to keep accompanying other companies from their corporate purpose. He wants to continue designing new business models, products and services with a social impact and economic profit. He also wants to continue expanding to the rest of Latin American and North America.

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