Newest Music from Pablo Fernández Mixes Corridos, Trap and Urban Music and Even Clothing

Newest Music from Pablo Fernández Mixes Corridos, Trap and Urban Music and Even Clothing

Pablo Fernández Music is Colombia’s new music discovery. He has created a unique fusion between corridos, trap and urban music. He’s the author of innovative sounds and fusions that make him stand out as representative of this genre in Colombia.

“I consider myself my country’s precursor of this genre with the launch of my first single ANDO COMO LOCO, comments Pablo. His motivation as an artist was to boost a new musical style that mixes urban sounds with Mexican culture, which also drove him to co-found his label Worldwide Connection SAS.

Pablo decided to begin his musical career in 2020 jointly with his brand as an artist and clothing designer. He wanted to positively impact lives, especially focused on vulnerable populations and with a collaborative ecosystem. 

But Pablo’s journey goes beyond music. He is also the CEO of his clothing brand PF. With his brand, Pablo merges art and music with a sustainable conscience alongside social development. PF uses collaborative systems linked to sustainable projects.

Pablo has a big personal connection to social causes. Most of his economic income is donated to social projects, such as the “Huellas de Conciencia” foundation, which he co-founded too. “I want to be a tool so that society is more humane, equitable, just and with great value”, states Pablo.

As an entrepreneur, Pablo saw the need to develop a collaborative system that allows a structure based on strategic measuring indicators. In this sense, Pablo believes sustainability is key in any project or entrepreneurship, as well as a time lasting product, recognition and the product’s disclosure. His experience has taught him that clarity and focus are necessary, but also to follow the indicators, which are the ones that show the progress of the business.

As an advice to others starting a business, Pablo recommends to “not contemplate failure as an option. Be constant and disciplined until achieving success, have concrete and effective planning, and contemplate all the variables of your business”. With good planning and this mindset, fear can be overcome when taking decisions under uncertainty and pressure, comments Pablo.

Pablo’s biggest challenge was to overcome his musical expectations; he leaves a personal mark in every song he makes to communicate who he is. This is why Pablo believes he stands out from the rest. He brings innovative rhythms and interpretations, a different style from what is commonly known. Additionally, his brands possess great teams focused on human quality and to provide good service. 

To Pablo, success is “the positive ending of a project, the result of the effort put into something. It is the maturity of your business”. In the future, Pablo wants to be an artist with international recognition that keeps impacting and inspiring many lives, especially benefiting those with a vulnerable background.

To enjoy Pablo’s innovative music and rhythm, you can follow him on his Spotify, and to know more about him, you can click here. If you want to purchase his personal brand that has a social and innovative purpose, visit PF here.