Nicolás Ecke: Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor & Sales System Expert. +85 Million Dollars in Sales & Investment in Different Projects

Nicolás Ecke: Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor & Sales System Expert. +85 Million Dollars in Sales & Investment in Different Projects

Nicolás Ecke is an entrepreneur, salesman and real estate investor with more than 300 Million in Real Estate deals, head of New Power Home Solutions. New Power is an energy-efficient sales company focused on the Latin market. They provide solar equipment and home improvement in California and Texas. Additionally, Nicolás is a member of IMCI, a real estate corporation in Mexico and owner of Solar Switch, a company based in Mexico.

Nicolás’ initial motivation to start his business was seeing the changes occurring during the COVID-19 pandemic. He realized the economic impact the pandemic was having on his clients’ pockets. He wanted to provide a solution so they could reduce their electric bill. 

“I wanted to help the Latin community to save money in electricity and give more value to their homes. I like the personal challenge to run a company that provides concrete energy solutions and to apply my wisdom and experience to improve the lives of thousands of people,” shares Nicolás about his company.

Even though Nicolás had entrepreneurial skills from a very young age, he did not start right ahead in the solar industry. He was born in San Isidro in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. His first business was selling avocados in his street at 15 years old. Later, when he was 20, he created a hotel boutique called Casanova, which closed due to the big economic crisis that faced Argentina.

This led him to move to the US looking for better opportunities at 22 years old with only 500 dollars in his pocket and a head full of dreams. He found his first job as a salesman, while he studied acting at the same time. As he developed his selling skills, he moved to LA and opened his own products distribution business.

He sold this company and entered the construction world and house remodeling. Due to his great abilities and good reputation, Nicolás had a list of loyal clients who remain his clients nowadays. Then, with the pandemic, everything changed, and Nicolás found a bigger purpose: to help people, the environment and grow his business, all at the same time.

Nicolás differs from his competitors because he is constantly innovating with new sales and strategy systems, generating confidence, good quality, efficiency and a positive experience for its clients. Maintaining this work ethic, Nicolás expects to expand New Power Home Solutions to more than 15 US states, Mexico and South America. He also wants to gather investment funds for renewable energies and economic housing for the Latin community.

There’s no doubt that Nicolás carries his roots with pride and wants to help them while achieving his personal and professional goals. “I want to inspire Latin people through my story so they dare to follow their dreams! Besides, I also want to educate society about renewable energy. Not only can we save the planet one house at a time, but we can also increase employment. Planet Earth is immensely rich and we have everything we need to live with dignity and out of poverty”.