Nikole Morrison, Better Known as Saint Nikole, is Not Afraid to Say the Hard Things and That is Why People Love Her Music. Find Out More Below.

Nikole Morrison, Better Known as Saint Nikole, is Not Afraid to Say the Hard Things and That is Why People Love Her Music. Find Out More Below.

Many of the great musicians we know today are part of our music culture because of other influential musicians who discovered them one way or another. For Nikole Morrison, better known as Saint Nikole, this is exactly how her story started too. She was a model who was discovered by another musician!

“I’m originally from Maryland. I was discovered by Sam Rhima originally as a model when I sent photos into a modeling agency. I worked as a model for a while and then decided I wanted to pursue music. Both of my grandmothers were musicians, and the one who raised me taught me to play the piano. I was also kind of a prodigy ballerina as a kid, and still now the whole room stops and claps after I dance. I’ve always been an artist one way or another. I was bound to start making music at some point,” Saint Nikole recounts.

Saint Nikole was inspired to become part of the music industry both because of her grandmother, but also because she loves the cheers and applause she gets during her shows. She is unafraid to say what she wants to say in her songs and by being the person who will say things, she has gained an incredible notoriety and following.

“It’s funny, there are things that you can say in real life that would be considered out of line but If you say it in a song they clap. That’s probably what most inspired me. Every time I get on stage they clap. I am just comfortable with it. My grandmother had me doing theater plays and I also did ballet,” Saint Nikole details.

Though Saint Nikole’s story seems to be all ups and no downs in terms of her ascent to musical stardom, it did not start out this way for her. Throughout her childhood, she experienced a lot of trauma, but she worked day in and day out to make sure she continued to realize her dreams.

“After my grandma died, I was put in foster care. I never had money. That always put me below ground level in my eyes, I always felt like I had to climb out of a hole that other kids never had to crawl out of. Finances were definitely a challenge, as well as a lack of stability. I work 10x harder than most because of that so time then becomes a challenge. But I want to make sure I have the same opportunities for myself that anyone else has,” Saint Nikole says.

In fact, the way that Saint Nikole grows up is exactly what helps set her apart from the crowd when it comes to making music. She explains why below:

“I know I’m different from a lot of people due to the way I grew up. I know my music is good, but a lot of it comes from pain. And I know I was meant to be out here in the industry because It found me, I didn’t go looking.”

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