Problems with Short-Term Renters? DrChauBnB is Here to Change that.

Problems with Short-Term Renters? DrChauBnB is Here to Change that.

Short-term rentals are a booming market that has allowed people to either create a new side hustle, find a more comfortable place to stay during a vacation or understand the local community surrounding them. However, like with many businesses that follow the same vein, there can be several hoops to jump through and complex legal situations. 

The biggest challenge for people doing BNB Arbitrage is dealing with short-term renters. Their property gets booked only during the weekends by people who sometimes just want to party. The property might be left trashed, so cleaning and sometimes even maintenance takes lots of time and money.

DrChauBnB is here to help people with that. Specializing in Corporate Housing Arbitrage, he helps students arbitrage properties to Corporate Clients mid-term, which secures income for months instead of days, and gives the student less work. That’s because corporate clients tend to take care of the property better. 

The “Beyond BnB Secrets” coach has over 30 properties with 7 years of experience doing Corporate Housing Airbnb Arbitrage. In order to help others, he also mentored students, most of which have achieved financial freedom in just a few months. 

DrChauBnB’s team is looking to help almost anyone who wants to change their lives and make a new cash flow for themselves and their families. The key to his success in this industry is leveraging other people’s properties or “OPPs.” This business model has allowed them to change hundreds of people’s lives while allowing tenants to enjoy rental properties. Not to mention the help it also extends to the property owners since they no longer need to look for and talk to tenants who would occupy their property. 

For those looking to follow a similar path, DrChauBnB’s team recommends getting a mentor early on in your career to learn the possible mistakes and pitfalls many entrepreneurs fall into. They also recommend staying humble and accepting that you don’t know everything, even if you’ve been working at something for many years.

Moving to the U.S. from a third-world country, Dr. Ong thought that following the American dream meant working hard through school and pursuing a traditional path to a professional school and career. However, he quickly realized that that path was more like the American Nightmare because it didn’t provide freedom of time or money to live the life of his dreams. That kind of life was not for him, so he decided to look to other venues to find financial freedom while helping others do the same.

“After 8 years of sacrifice, I graduated with a Doctorate in Pharmacy and MBA and thought I achieved the American Dream. It turned out to be the American Nightmare! I was burned out just after the first year because it was a glorified golden handcuff. I didn’t have time or money to take care of my family the way I dreamed of. I was determined to make it as an entrepreneur. I have attempted many industries and opportunities such as dropshipping, forex, crypto, restaurants, real estate sale, commercial real estate, etc. I found that they all require a lot of time or money, which I didn’t have when I was working full time. So I had an epiphany, ‘What if I can leverage OPP (other people’s properties) to master lease and sublet out to companies?’” Dr. Ong explains.

The rest is history, as they say! To find out more about DrChauBnB, follow him on Instagram here.