Prolactancia Accompanies You Through Maternity with Scientific & Practical Knowledge

Prolactancia Accompanies You Through Maternity with Scientific & Practical Knowledge

Motherhood is a transforming process. The stage of pregnancy is very challenging, with many physical and psychological changes in the mother, but with it, it’s just getting started. After giving birth comes breastfeeding the baby, finding the right nourishment, raising the baby respectfully, keeping him or her safe, and many other things.

In Prolactancia, mothers can find experiences, knowledge, scientific investigations and findings about motherhood. It offers courses, webinars, training and a private community in different topics like postpartum psychology, child sleep, family grouping, coaching, a respectful upbringing, and human lactation. It provides online guidance services to those beginning the process of motherhood.

“Prolactancia is a space for mothers to find their new me in maternity, to deconstruct what they were and construct what they will be. Human lactation is a journey, not the end. This is why they all stay in my community even when they have already surpassed the most complicated part of breastfeeding” comments Erika Urbaez, founder of the project.

The philosophy behind Prolactancia is the Light Maternity movement. It consists of supporting mothers to forget about being the “world’s best mom” to become the mom her children need, and to discover herself as the new person she is in her role as a mother.

These services began only through Erika’s Instagram, where she shared her experience and the information she found investigating by herself. When many mothers started asking for advice, she realized how necessary and important was a movement like Light Maternity and an online service for women to learn about maternity and to overthrow some common myths that are not true.

For example, some people tend to believe that giving milk to the baby is not enough, or that breastfeeding turns them into dependent beings. Others believe the mother should have a specific diet and that sick women must not breastfeed. There are many more that can be sustained by personal experiences, but not by science. This is why in Prolactancia they share the scientific findings of lactation and maternity, as well as why it is important for the mother (and family near her) to be accurately informed to raise their baby in the healthiest way possible. 

Prolactancia is not only targeted to women who want to breastfeed. It also supports and has content for women who want or not to only breastfeed; they can all feed their babies through the premise of the Light Maternity movement. The objective of the company is to help mothers so their children begin life eating in a natural, healthy and accessible way.

It doesn’t only stand out because of its acute information and great services accompanying mothers in their transformations, but because it is a pioneer in online consultations for this topic. Erika was the first to dare give online guidance on such a personal and delicate topic. To her colleagues that was impossible, but vaving online guidance was not a product of the pandemic for her, it was always one of her objectives: to share her knowledge globally.

Prolactancia offers both a theoretical and practical approach, while giving the support of a friend in this process. The courses and training are destined to acquire practical and applicable information every day, without the need to feel they have to be perfect. This movement has been a success around Spanish-speakers in the US, and now she wants to expand it to English-speakers as well.

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