Rafael Pérez Offers the Best Plastic Surgery Services: Over 20 Years of Experience, Attention Before, During & After Surgery

Rafael Pérez Offers the Best Plastic Surgery Services:  Over 20 Years of Experience, Attention Before, During & After Surgery

Rafael Pérez is the best plastic surgeon in Colombia. He’s the secret behind the country’s most beautiful bodies and faces and entertainment industry. He’s been the top professional in his field for more than 20 years now, specializing in rhinoplasty, high definition liposuction and body contour. He has served patients from all around the world.

Due to his experience and expertise, he is a member of the Colombian Society of Plastic Surgery. Also, he founded Vaser Academy, a company with the latest technology worldwide for body couture and abdominal marking. 

Rafael developed an interest in plastic surgery when he was very young. A friend’s parent was a surgeon and invited him to some of his reconstruction surgeries. He was impacted by the idea of providing help to many people from a medical perspective.

Now, he is recognized for his practical skills, which make him an excellent professional, and he is extremely attentive to detail and aesthetics in every aspect of his life. Additionally, he loves helping people to become more comfortable and happy with their own body and skin. 

When asking Rafael what is the most important thing to have in his job, he answers: “Confidence and a positive mindset are key things in my profession. This will allow patients to know that they are in the best hands, and they can trust they are with the best qualified surgeon. It shows that you are putting into practice the best of your abilities in every elaborate process to achieve the desired product”.

Rafael provides the best service not only because of his professionalism and knowledge, but also because he uses the best and most updated equipment. He transforms parts of the human body that need a change to achieve a better development and life quality. 

For the future, Rafael wants to continue growing his international patients’ network and continue to provide the complete package: Support before and after surgery, in collaboration with Aqualine Medical Spa in Bogotá. This last company provides Rafael and his patients the latest technology to have a fast and smooth preparation and recovery. To Rafael, “the patients’ well being and their possibilities to return to their normal lives as quickly as possible is one of my priorities. This is why I also take care of part of the recovery process and not only of the surgery.”

And this is precisely what differentiates him from other services alike. He provides the attention needed before, during and after the procedure. He is completely committed to solve the preoccupations and necessities of his patients. No wonder why he has been the top surgeon for more than 10 years now. 

You can read more about Rafael’s services and different testimonials of his patients on his website, as well as schedule a virtual assessment with him.