Renowned Life & Business Mentor and Speaker Heinz Kaegi Shares His Passion For Inspiring Audiences Throughout The World

Renowned Life & Business Mentor and Speaker Heinz Kaegi Shares His Passion For Inspiring Audiences Throughout The World

Heinz Kaegi, Swiss Top Executive Mentor, Speaker, and Bestselling Author, worked in the corporate world for many years, however, he knew deep inside that he had a certain gift to share with others. From his experiences in the corporate world, he learned a lot about management and exactly what differentiates a good leader from a great one. After spending a decade working for others, Heinz set out to create a change in the world and began leading self-designed workshops. A few years later, he expanded internationally and audiences throughout the American and European Continent began to line up. 

Heinz always had a certain charisma and relatability that was inspiring to others, even such, that individuals that worked with him suggested he give speeches if he ever changed his career. Once Heinz actually did change his career, it was of utmost importance to him to inspire audiences wherever he went. 

Heinz loves the big international stages, where he can interact with and move the audiences to the next level of becoming who they are as individual leaders. He has given keynote speeches in many of the most popular locations including New York, Las Vegas, Paris, Zurich, Istanbul, Seoul, and many others. At the same time, Heinz also loves working in smaller, more intimate group settings with different personalities and leaders from all over the world, who are committed to working from their heart in order to produce sustainable success and fulfillment that adds life value for all involved. 

Through both intimate settings, as well as large audiences, Heinz Kaegi always makes it a point to guide himself and others through what he sees as his higher cause: 

“Let us discover visions that move us to take the lead”

“Let us pursue our paths of purpose that fulfill us”

“Let us leave a legacy that creates a future for our children,” as laid out by Heinz. 

Heinz Kaegi is recognized as a top speaker of the international business community. He is a soulful master of sharing stories on the stage, one who dances with words and speaks the language of her heart, inspiring and moving his audience. Now, he is working on bringing the worldwide unique “LEX Leadershift Excellence™ for Life” to its original birthplace, Salt Lake City, from August 12th-14th. This event will consist of an intimate immersion process with a limited group of hand selected personalities on the path of becoming their best selves. As such, Heinz will inspire executives who are committed from the heart to grow beyond, producing sustainable success and fulfillment and express their full potential as leaders. 

“In 2020, the world of work changed forever. The lifetime of managers is over. It is now time to grow beyond,” states Heinz. 

In this context, Heinz has answered to the world’s wake-up call and created a visionary idea that will continue to have a lasting impact on future generations. 

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