Rodrigo Oscos Runs Aesthetic Nutrition & Training, Which Offers Services To Help Clients Improve Their Health

Rodrigo Oscos Runs Aesthetic Nutrition & Training, Which Offers Services To Help Clients Improve Their Health

Rodrigo Oscos is a trainer who specializes in nutrition and training for body aesthetics. With Aesthetic Nutrition & Training, he serves people around the world online with his extensive experience in the fitness industry.

Rodrigo gained recognition thanks to the physical transformations of his celebrity clients and the general public that went viral. He and his team specialize in workouts at home or in the gym.

“Aesthetic Nutrition & Training offers online nutrition and training clinics focused on changing the physical appearance and improving the health of clients. Some of our most requested services are: losing fat, gaining muscle and toning.” Rodrigo shares.

Since Rodrigo was very young, he has been an athlete doing 3 to 4 hours of training daily thanks to his father who introduced him to the world of exercise. When he turned 15, he started going to the gym.

At the gym, Rodrigo noticed that the vast majority of coaches did not have a solid background and often recommended what they thought was good but without scientific basis. This motivated him to specialize in fitness and fill the vacuum.

Rodrigo stands out from other fitness coaches and nutritionists because he gives to each of his clients an exhaustive analysis of their situation. In this analysis, he takes into consideration a series of factors.

When analyzing a client’s situation, I consider their physical activity, diseases, hereditary background, level of training, food tastes, place where they live, and what is their goal.” Rodrigo explains.

In the fitness industry, it is important to motivate people and transmit optimism and good vibes to people. This is why it is important to have a good mindset to convey that achieving a change is possible.

Giving satisfaction to customers to follow you is one of the biggest challenges. We have found a way to give results to each of our clients and make them feel satisfied with the amount invested in the service and the result obtained. To think positively is clearly a virtue that few have, normally most people want fast and perfect results. In a business you also have to have patience, eloquence and plan each step strategically.” Rodrigo advises.

Rodrigo’s fitness and interpersonal skills have helped him to efficiently achieve his goals. Some of the studies he has completed include the International specialty in sports nutrition by the American Society of Exercise Physiologysts (ASEP), a postgraduate in nutrition, supplementation and pharmacology in sports by the University of Barcelona, a masters in sports nutrition by the Universidad Iberoamericana, among other certificates and degrees from institutes and universities across the world.

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