Rudy Pean is the CEO and Founder of RCJ, Which Has Helped Hundreds of People Get Their Financial Lives in Order

Rudy Pean is the CEO and Founder of RCJ, Which Has Helped Hundreds of People Get Their Financial Lives in Order

Rudy Pean is a businessman, CEO, and founder of RCJ TAX & CREDIT REPAIR SERVICES, which has helped thousands of people get their financial lives in order through the tools and expertise they offer.

I have helped a lot of people who were in financial trouble restore their lives through financial education.” Rudy shares.

Having worked for over six years as a manager at a national staffing firm helped Rudy understand and discover how to communicate assertively and effectively with his clients. 

I learned how to ask the right questions and how to listen to clients. I took that concept of asking and listening to my business model and now we can help clients get out of difficult financial situations.” Rudy explains.

With that knowledge of business management, Rudy was inspired to launch his tax and credit repair firm with which he has created a huge difference in the lives of thousands of people.

Witnessing the struggle of people in my community through unexpected circumstances because they couldn’t make a minimum credit card payment, pay rent or basic utility bills, I was inspired to create my tax and credit repair firm to make a difference in people’s lives. I feel we have impacted thousands of lives.” Rudy states.

What drives and motivates Rudy every day is making the system he implements in his business work to be able to assist his clients so they can achieve the financial freedom they deserve.

The systems, processes and plans at RCJ TAX & CREDIT REPAIR SERVICES offer clients virtual consulting for business taxes and personal taxes, along with helping clients build and repair their personal or business credit.

In some cases, clients coming to me may not qualify for home or vehicle loans and if they had those things they were paying higher interest rates on vehicles and homes, along with their credit cards. I’ve been in financial trouble before, but I’ve gotten out of it, and now it’s my job to help others break free of the pattern, and create real generational wealth.” Rudy stresses.

Rudy takes great joy in his work because he is able to help others and bring smiles to the most afflicted. Currently, the services offered by RCJ TAX & CREDIT REPAIR SERVICES are needed the most. 

I enjoy providing this service because I am able to bring smiles to many people at times when now more than ever we need to look out for others.” 

Rudy differentiates himself from his potential competitors by being himself. He provides authenticity because he understands he does not need to appear to be someone he is not.

“I adapt my personality to my commitment with the client. I also always put myself in the client’s position, which allows me to identify what are the aspects or areas that need to be taken into account for a better resolution of the situation.” Rudy shares. 

In addition, the services offered by RCJ TAX & CREDIT REPAIR SERVICES are unique, reliable and innovative due to the approach and systems put in place to serve clients.

In the near future, Rudy is working on a business tax course that will teach people how to scale to a 6-7 figure tax firm. Another project Rudy is working on is flipping his first house.

I officially have my pre-approval letter from our lender, so now it’s time to find the right investment property.” He says.

This year, Rudy will continue to search for like-minded entrepreneurs looking to start a credit repair company. He is also working on publishing his first book and on completing his doctorate in Strategic Leadership from Liberty University, School of Business this year.