Santiago Osorio Martinez is Teaching People How To Take Advantage of the Digital World

Santiago Osorio Martinez is Teaching People How To Take Advantage of the Digital World

Santiago Osorio Martinez is a Colombian businessman, entrepreneur, and expert in the sale of digital products. Today he runs Rich Hackers, a digital marketing movement that teaches people to take advantage of the digital world.

Santiago’s path in business began at the age of 12 when he decided not to ask his parents for money. He started selling candy to his schoolmates and using the money to buy more products to sell.

“Before graduating high school, I created a page on Instagram through which I solt different items such as t-shirts, caps, glasses, sweatshirts and more. This business continued while I studied national and international marketing at the university. But when the pandemic arrived, it was hard for me to ship the items I was selling.” Santiago shares.

Around this time, Santiago was expanding his network of entrepreneurs and business people he connected with online. That is how he found a 500 USD course through which he could learn how to sell items online without having to contact the buyer.

“I asked my mom for money to access the course and told her that through what I learned, I would be able to learn a lot. She told me it was a scam and so she would not help. So I decided to ask my grandma instead and she gave me the money and I promised I would pay her back within a month. After nine days, I had finished the course and putting in 87 USD in investment, I was able to make 1,200 USD in my first week.” Santiago explains.

After this, Santiago started working with a multinational that sells digital products in Latin America called Hotmart. He was able to make more than 100K USD in a year and attended a mastermind conference with many digital marketing experts and entrepreneurs.

“There, I met Esteban Berrio and Eduardo Florez and we brainstormed to create Rich Hackers, a digital marketing movement through which we teach people to take advantage of the digital world. Each of us had something different to give to the project and we all had a common goal: to impact many people and help them generate money with digital businesses.” Santiago recounts.

Four months after the mastermind conference, Rich Hackers had already made their first million USD, and right now, with just 21 years old Santiago is a reference in the digital marketing world. 

Santiago stands out from other experts in the industry because of his dedication, mindset, capacity to empathize, charisma and passion for his work. He is also trustworthy, reliable and clear in terms of goals.

“I didn’t think about teaching others how to succeed through digital marketing overnight. I had not thought about sharing the strategies that had worked for me until my mentor told me I already had very good results and it was time to start creating my own community and help people.” Santiago states.

But what really motivated Santiago was the messages he started to receive from people he was helping, once they started to achieve their first sales. They were very grateful and excited to learn more.

I started to receive many messages from people who had achieved their first sale, who had been trying for more than six months and thanks to me they were able to make it work. There were many stories of people who were on the verge of bankruptcy and claimed that I saved them! That is priceless and is one of the best things that has happened in my life and why I get up every day.” Santiago adds.

Currently, the Rich Hackers movement has more than 4,000 students. In the near future, their goal is to help 100,000 more people live from digital business. Learn more about Santiago and download his first ebook on Instagram Reels here.