Is Transforming The Business Consulting Industry By Bridging Business Skills and Mental Preparedness Is Transforming The Business Consulting Industry By Bridging Business Skills and Mental Preparedness is a B2B Consulting Business that helps agents, consultants and service providers market themselves, generate qualified leads, set up scalable sales, as well as process, structure, and organize in order to ultimately scale their business into multiple figures. The team at turned UAE’s agent, service, and consultant business upside down. With over 1,000 international participants and numerous millionaire students that have resulted, the business has had a tremendous impact on the real estate, insurance, finance, and consulting industries. Today, is one of the market leading consulting companies in the UAE. provides its clients with everything they need in order to be successful in their business. They believe that in order to be successful, entrepreneurs need to understand the whole, rather than just specific skills involved in business, such as sales or marketing. focuses on the five fundamental layers – mental awareness, mental cognition, business principles, business disciplines, and business processes. As such, helps agents and consultants become laser focused on the actions that will lead to success. Hence, they build entrepreneurs who see business clearly and always win through scientific and deliberate thinking. 

Its founder, Vadim Finayev began in the insurance industry and continued on to the real estate industry early on in his career. Through his experiences, he understood that long-established strategies simply do not work as well as they should, and he set out to study marketing and sales in depth until he developed his own personal methodology for achieving success in this industry. Along with some business partners who still accompany him today, Vadim built Fineleit Marketing, which employs over 15 permanent staff, serves over 600 clients, and manages 7 figures Euro advertising budgets. 

“We use the knowledge we pass on to our participants ourselves and have made Fineleit Marketing 100% systematized, that is, structured, organized and digitalized to fit the current age,” Vadim explains. 

With professionals serving all of Germany from 3 different locations, Vadim was able to emigrate to the UAE, where he realized the lack of knowledge in the industry. At that moment, Vadim realized how important it was to expand their business to the UAE, as their help was urgently needed. They put their strategies into practice in the UAE market and was officially born. 

“Only those who know and understand the problem can solve it. This is where I found my passion. Identifying problems, creating clarity and forming solutions that last,” states Vadim. 

This year, will be doubling up on the number of employees, especially in the training and support department. Given the business is growing at a very fast pace, the team is working on scaling everything that works, like Marketing and Sales, to the fullest. 

“When you start a business you and only you are your own challenge. We live in the best time to build your own thing. Every information to take action is available. You have just to take action on it,” says Vadim. 

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