Seth Kniep Turned One Dime Into One Million Dollars And As Co-Founder Of ‘Just One Dime,’ Is Teaching Others How To Transform Their Lives

Seth Kniep Turned One Dime Into One Million Dollars And As Co-Founder Of ‘Just One Dime,’ Is Teaching Others How To Transform Their Lives

If you’ve ever felt defeated or like you’ve tried everything but nothing works, Seth Kniep is here to show you that anything is possible. Seth, c0-founder of Just One Dime, didn’t have an easy path to his success. In fact, Seth found himself in a really dark place in his life before he was able to propel himself forwards. With a mortgage that was crumbling his bank account, Seth was completely broke. Unable to support his family, shame was eating at his soul, as well as at his relationships. 

Seth used to work for Apple’s sales Department, where he put in endless hours of work and continuously outperformed his coworkers. However, despite his hard work, Seth was not receiving the financial or life reward he deserved. Seth was struggling financially, had no freedom, and was unhappy in his life: 

“I spent my days building someone else’s dream. I worked my heart out year round and received annual raises just big enough to buy a few extra bags of coffee every month to medicate my stress with caffeine. And my $24,000 credit card debt was growing. Apple owned me,” states Seth. 

Seth’s sense of pointlessness and shame continued until one day, he had enough. He didn’t care how difficult his new path would be because he needed to create a new life, no matter what it took. This is when Seth dove into Dave Ramsey’s teachings and ecommerce. He went through every book he could find on how to build additional income. While he had multiple failures in the past, Seth did not let these take over his vision and purpose, but instead, changed his perspective and viewed his challenges as a path to change. With this new mindset in action, Seth came up with an idea while he noticed the coins sitting in his mini van’s ashtray. This idea changed his life, though he didn’t know that would be the case at the time: 

“I picked up a dime. ‘How many times would I have to double this to reach $100,000?’ I grabbed a calculator. Twenty times. ‘That can’t be true!’ I re-did the math. Yes. Double a dime 20 times and it explodes to exactly $104,857.60. Suddenly I knew what I needed to do,” Seth recounts. 

By simply asking random people downtown, Seth turned his dime into $400 and he took this money and invested it into Ebay and Amazon. While he had a lot of setbacks throughout the process, his Amazon store slowly began to grow, until he made $100,000 from his initial dime, in just 6 months. At that point, Seth finally quit his job at Apple, and fully dedicated himself to his Amazon business, which led him to reaching $1M in revenue. 

Seth had not only changed his bank account and financial circumstances, but he changed his life completely. He took ownership of his character faults, rebuilt his relationships, and found a new motivation in life. Seth had a new-found gratitude for life and as people began to witness his success, they wanted Seth to teach them how to do the same. As Seth shares,

“People who previously thought I was crazy started to ask me how I was doing it. So I helped them. I showed them how to do what I did. Then their friends asked and I taught them too. The number of requests grew so I started to charge for coaching. The number kept growing until my passive income was not so passive anymore.”

While his coaching business started as a sort of passive income, Seth grew increasingly passionate about teaching. His training focuses on three goals: being extremely thorough, teaching step-by-step, and being holistic. From turning a student into a millionaire for the first time, Seth has now trained many more individuals to become millionaires and has taught entrepreneurs in over 150 countries how to build a new life. Hence, Seth takes pride in helping others to create a life that allows them to enjoy financial freedom. 

“If you are afraid, then do it afraid. Fear has no power over you unless you obey it. Ninety-nine percent of all fears never turn into reality. By living in fear, we end up spending our energy sweating over things that never become reality instead of pouring our energy into actions that bring results. Give fear a big hug and kiss and then go move into action, fearful or not!,” states Seth. 

From being broke and unhappy, Seth has now built a life that he leads on his own terms. He has not only taught many individuals to transform their lives, but has also been able to work with Amazon itself, one of the sharks from Shark Tank, and has consulted for multiple countries on how to run their Amazon business. Furthermore Seth runs a full time sourcing team in China, and manages over $100 million in annual Amazon revenue for name brands and silent investors. 

Despite being incredibly successful, Seth recognizes that money is not the end goal, but instead a means to getting where you want to be: 

“Success is having the freedom to help people you deeply care about. When you have lots of money, you get the freedom to do all that and more. Money is never the end goal. If it is, it will jack up your life and leave you empty. Money is a means to an end, a tool that gives you margin to do the things you love with the people you love,” states Seth. 

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