Sheka Johnson is Changing People’s Lives By Helping Them Perfect Their Business Skills and Expertise.

Sheka Johnson is Changing People’s Lives By Helping Them Perfect Their Business Skills and Expertise.

Sheka Johnson has an ability to manifest things that she wants in life. This ability is what led her to have an incredibly successful career and business that she created. As a business consultant and coach, she has helped numerous people and companies achieve their full potential.

“My ability to manifest whatever is what makes me unique. My ability to connect with individuals and motivate them, help them to understand their self work. I have the ability to help individuals start, maintain a successful 6-7 figure business through a proven system. I am a natural born leader and entrepreneur. I have been an entrepreneur since the age of 19. I have launched and scaled multiple successful businesses and have investments in some as well,” Sheka states.

Sheka was inspired to get into the coaching and consulting world by seeing that business was not built for people of color and particularly women of color. She wanted to make a difference in their lives and make sure that they had more opportunities to get ahead in the business world.

The wealth gap among people of color, especially women of color, was what motivated me to start this business. It is very important to educate and assist individuals about finance, investments, etc. I help them to prepare their mindset so that they are able to receive information needed to make a difference in their businesses and families. The lack of money causes a lot of problems in my community. Building and sustaining generational wealth is important,” Sheka explains.

The reason that Sheka has been so successful in the coaching and consulting business, in addition to her ability to make things happen, is that she is not just talented in one area. She has many different types of expertise in a multitude of areas. This has allowed her to excel in giving advice and guidance to those who seek her help.

“I am multifaceted in different niches. I have proven systems that I use when working with clients that will help them obtain 6-7 figures in any niche to obtain the life of their dreams,” Sheka says.

Sheka’s advice for all of those looking to begin as an entrepreneur as well is to do their research! Without doing the research, people will start their business without all of the knowledge that they need. You need that background to help you get ahead.

“My advice for those trying to start a business is to research the industry that you are going into, Invest in yourself and your business. Hire a mentor, coach, consultant that can help you along the way. This will help you save a lot of time and avoid some of the pitfalls and save some money as well. Also never take advice from someone who is not where you are trying to go,” Sheka advises.

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