St.Martin Agency, Created By Julia Kushnir, Is The Creative Concept Agency That Is Revolutionizing The Industry

St.Martin Agency, Created By Julia Kushnir, Is The Creative Concept Agency That Is Revolutionizing The Industry

St.Martin Agency is a creative concept agency for small business, which is focused on consulting and mentoring to help entrepreneurs through a unique branding methodology. The company was founded by Julia Kushnir, a successful businesswoman and entrepreneur, who started her business in 2011 after traveling around Asia for over a year.

First, Julia opened a wedding salon, which became the most famous in Russia after only two years. Then he delved into the study of marketing and branding and began to help aspiring entrepreneurs. Soon, Julia created her own branding methodology for small businesses and then she opened her creative concept agency. Very soon, she launched her first online course called “Turnkey Creative Concept for Small Business”, which was a complete success! The course was attended by 1.5 thousand people, with a lot of positive feedback and growth cases.

St.Martin Agency was founded by Julia’s desire to help entrepreneurs with all their branding needs. “I wanted to share my knowledge with others, because I know how important it is at the start of a business! Branding, albeit indirectly, has a very strong influence on the success of a project!”, Julia explains.

The business manages to stand out from the crowd because of the high quality of their work. Also, they’re very specific to work with small businesses and they specialize in helping them to grow. In addition, they have hundreds of success cases and positive customer reviews, which prove that their service is 5 stars!

In today’s society, branding goes way beyond just a logo or graphic element. It is a key part of making a memorable impression on consumers and what allows them to know what to expect from any company. It is also the best way of distinguishing from the competitors and clarifying what it is you offer that makes you the better choice. 

Effective branding requires a strategic plan, including clear brand guidelines, as well as alignment as a company on the desired brand identity, and that’s exactly what St.Martin Agency’s work team does!

Julia is currently working with the Fantel Pro functional medicine platform. She’s going to organize the  Health Festival, to develop an online school, and to also launch her updated branding course!

If you need assistance with your brand, from creating your initial brand strategy to the visual identity elements, contact St.Martin Agency here!