Starting Small and Growing into Something Spectacular: This is the Story of Top Off Rides.

Starting Small and Growing into Something Spectacular: This is the Story of Top Off Rides.

Companies can start from the smallest steps and grow into businesses they never would have dreamed of. Even some of our most famous brands started from some very small places. That is what happened with Top Off Rides. Starting out with very little, they grew into something beyond their imagination.

“Top Off Rides first started off as a car rental company, we primarily focus on the Polaris SlingShot and have a direct partnership with the Polaris brand to give them exclusivity with our company and has worked out well for us. Along the way we have added other services such as vehicle maintenance and repair which can range from oil changes, brake replacements and tire replacement up to full body work for SlingShot’s that have been damaged. We also offer vehicle customization which involves enhancements of wheels, vehicle parts and car wraps. Recently we also started offering car detailing services for the Polaris SlingShot,” The team explains.

Top Off Rides began their dream by finding a very niche spot in the market. Polaris SlingShots were not very common in the car rental industry and many people didn’t even know what they were. They sought to change that through their business and offer a greater market to the car rental world.

“From the very beginning before starting, we noticed no one had really offered Polaris SlingShot rentals and many people didn’t even know what it was or had even seen one in person. The look on peoples faces was what really got us thinking, people would literally break their necks looking at the SlingShot as we would drive by. The SlingShot got more attention than your everyday luxury or exotic vehicles with values of $150,000 or more that would be next to us. We knew after seeing all this and finding out no one else was doing something similar, that we could be onto the start of something new that hadn’t been offered before by your traditional car rental companies,” the Top Off Rides Team states.

Despite having all the right elements, there were still obstacles in the way for the Top Off Rides team. Their biggest challenge was scaling up their business to meet the needs of their company and their customers. Like with many businesses, getting started and having the right idea is easy, but then taking the business to the next step can be a difficult hump to get over.

“The biggest obstacles we’ve ever had to overcome have been figuring out how to get additional funding to scale fast and meet demand as we had more requests for reservations than vehicles. Another obstacle we faced during the height of the pandemic in 2020, was figuring out how to repair our vehicles faster that had been damaged by renters. With inventory of Polaris SlingShot parts being out of stock, some vehicles sat for months at a time causing us to lose large amounts of revenue. We’re better prepared now ever since we started stocking on the most commonly used parts,” Top Off Rides says.

After getting over those difficulties, Top Off Rides has big plans for the new year. They are expanding their operations even further as Top Off Rides details below:

“We are currently already in the process of expanding our operations to San Diego and San Francisco as we plan to dominate the car rental market in California before extending into other states across the United States. We really want to focus on vehicles that stand out from the rest and offer an experience you can only find when visiting our locations. We will also be revamping our website and taking part in selling Polaris SlingShot aftermarket products, Polaris SlingShot OEM related parts, accessories and new products we will be introducing to the public which we will be announcing at a later time.”

To find out more about Top Off Rides, you can follow them on instagram here and check out their website here.