Stephan Labossiere, Creator of Stephan Speaks, Was Inspired Through His Spiritual Journey to Help Coach People to their Purpose.

Stephan Labossiere, Creator of Stephan Speaks, Was Inspired Through His Spiritual Journey to Help Coach People to their Purpose.

A spiritual journey is one that can often change how people live their lives. For Stephan Labossiere, his spiritual journey completely revolutionized his life and his way of thinking. Coming from a larger family, life had one path that he was starting to take steps towards, however, his spiritual intervention changed all of that.

“It started with going deeper spiritually and then just taking it one step at a time from there. Naturally I am a very ambitious person, so once I could recognize the path ahead, there was always the desire to just keep growing and achieving more. Along the way I could see more and more what people really needed, and that fueled me and the desire to keep going with the business, that and God of course,” Stephan explains.

Stephan’s purpose became clear to him. From this everlasting moment to now, Stephan realized the impact that he could have on people with what he learned and what he knew from his journey. This led him to become a coach, a speaker, and even an author and content producer and is now known by his name, Stephan Speaks.

“I run a business as a speaker, relationship coach, and author. Selling books and courses, as well as other merchandise. I also took the speaking aspect to YouTube where I run a large Youtube channel providing dating and relationship content,” Stephan remarks.

However, not everything was easy for Stephan throughout the creation of his business. He had numerous struggles that he and many other business owners must overcome to create their dreams and begin putting in the work to become successful.

“First thing that comes to mind is learning how to ignore the outside noise. The people who don’t understand what you’re doing, or don’t believe it can succeed. Learning how to not let that deter you and throw you off track. Also another challenge that comes to mind is finding the right team. Many times we start alone, and most will have to, but understanding that the next level will require being able to find the right people who align correctly with your business. That whole process in itself is a challenge. One more thing that comes to mind is fighting the temptation to move too fast. Our impatience can be our downfall if we aren’t careful. So understanding the need to find a good sustainable pace is extremely important,” Stephan states.

Stephan doesn’t focus on the competition. Instead, he thinks that one can do no wrong if you are exercising your purpose and that is what is most important.

“I focus on purpose, and to me when you’re walking in your purpose there is no competition. Your lane is yours, and their lane is theirs. However I have been told by others that what makes me different is my emphasis on God and spirituality, as well as my ability to go more into depth about topics and issues people are dealing with,” Stephan details.

With still so many people still left to help, Stephan has big plans for the end of this year and for 2022 that include releasing multiple books amongst many other fun and exciting projects. To keep up with all that he is doing, follow him on instagram and check out his website.