Tax Block Miami, Created by Erik Estrada, Is A Successful Company With Over 10 Years In The Market That Provides a Wide Range of Services. Learn More Below!

Tax Block Miami, Created by Erik Estrada, Is A Successful Company With Over 10 Years In The Market That Provides a Wide Range of Services. Learn More Below!

Working as an entrepreneur is an opportunity for anybody to take an innovative idea and transform it into a lucrative business venture. While following this career path is a way to achieve lifelong goals, it is not an easy task. The challenges of starting a business are well-known. In order to succeed, an entrepreneur must be creative, hard worker, disciplined, confident and passionate, to name just a few.

In that sense, Erik Estrada is an entrepreneur and successful business owner that meets all these characteristics. He runs Tax Block Miami, a company with more than 10 years of experience in Income Tax, Notary Public Services, Immigration, Business Opening, Insurance and Bookkeeping.

They serve all 50 states and specialize in Individual and Corporate Tax Returns. Erik started the business in 2015, when he was 20 years old.

“I studied and worked as an accountant for 2 years and then I opened my company. I decided to start on my own because I had been working since I was 15 years old in restaurants, and the truth is that I don’t like working on anyone’s schedule. When I graduated I decided to launch myself as a public accountant from my home. And since that day I have never worked for anyone else”, Erik shares.

Tax Block Miami was very well received and quickly began to be known for the quality of their work and the efficiency and transparency of their entire team. They have managed to have a large clientele, so their team has also been growing over the years in order to satisfy the demand of all their customers.

Of course, Erik knows that to succeed in business it is necessary to stand out from the crowd. In today’s ultra-competitive world, entrepreneurs need to come up with good strategies to make this possible. By finding alternatives to distinguish their company from their competitors, they’ll be able to satisfy customers, set up good business strategies and maximize the profitability. As Erik explains:

“At Tax Block Miami we are first and foremost human. We treat our clients with great respect and we give them the best quality services. Our greatest satisfaction is that our customers feel pleased with our work. For Tax Block Miami you will never be a number, you will be our friend!”

But not everything has been easy on Erik’s journey. He had struggled with many challenges while creating his business. Truth be told, the path to success as an entrepreneur can take many different forms, and no matter what path people choose, difficulties will always exist. For Erik,  some of the biggest obstacles he faced was learning to be a boss and to organize his ideas. 

“When starting a business, as an owner, you believe that you have everything planned and that things will happen as you want them to happen. But this is not always the case: usually things do not go as planned. That is why it is so important to organize your ideas and investigate before starting a business. Another common mistake is to think that we know everything”, he adds.

Erik was able to recognize these challenges as bottlenecks — not as signs of failure, but as obstacles to be overcome, and now Tax Block Miami is a highly successful business that is expanding more and more! 

With all the knowledge that his business provides him and with his proven expertise in the field, Erik advises all entrepreneurs who are trying to start their own business to start today. It is important not to let anything limit us, neither in life or in business.

“Do not leave it for tomorrow because each day that passes is a lost day.  You do not know how to start? Well, nobody was born knowing! You have to investigate and do the hard work, but start today, don’t get stuck”, he suggests.

Despite all the work that he has already done, he isn’t planning on slowing down any time soon. He details his next steps below:

“Some of my personal projects are to be able to buy a house for each member of my family and to continue supporting them. In terms of business, my projects are to expand in South Florida with more branches and add more people to our team! I have so much to accomplish but everything goes step by step!”

Without a doubt, Erik’s story is a source of hard work and inspiration not only to entrepreneurs, but to all of us. To find out more about Tax Block Miami follow them on instagram here, and visit their website here.