The AD Trading Group, giving back to their community while empowering traders.

The AD Trading Group, giving back to their community while empowering traders.

Meet the jack of all trades, Antonio Dorado. Antonio is a Biomedical Engineer by profession, with a Master in Business Administration (MBA), and CEO of the AD Trading Group. Antonio first manifested his dream of being a trader through a long journey of financial freedom. He worked for several businesses, until one day he had enough. He decided to leave his comfort zone and bet on trading, which he knew made him happy. Just as trading changed his life drastically, he set out to break the barriers to knowledge sharing, as he realized the high costs of courses on trading. Despite the uncertainty, anxiety, and fears he felt after leaving his old job, he learned everything possible about stocks and trading, and successfully materialized his foundation, AD Trading Group.

AD Trading began in October 2020 as a project that sought to transmit the knowledge Antonio acquired on trading and general stock market information. Now it serves three state-of-the-art initiatives:

  1. A trading academy initiative. In this academy, anyone, regardless of experience, can build their capacity in operating financial markets, through hands-on methods. Each student learns to operate from zero and can scale the ladder until they become master traders. Above all, the academy serves for all traders-in-training a stepping stone for their life prospects or any opportunity that will help them reach their dreams. 
  2. A capital initiative. This serves as the AD Trading Group’s investment fund. They wish to garner funding for traders and non-traders through European companies and trading techniques for their members to achieve considerable profits and invest low capital. 
  3. A social initiative. This is the foundation of AD Trading, born from Antonio’s dream of bringing welfare to low-income communities, using the profits of the academy and the investment fund. So far, Antonio has successfully donated hundreds of medical supplies for people with disabilities as well as food and clothing to low-income populations.

Now in 2022, his team is working nonstop, so that more individuals can achieve what they have been able to do and enjoy the same freedom Antonio has now. For this reason, AD Trading Groups provides the gold standard of trading education with the lowest prices in the market. 

With its roots in the U.S., AD Trading Group has branched out to Colombia, and soon to the rest of Latin America. Among the next projects of the AD Trading Group, Antonio and his team are focusing on creating a dialogue with governmental entities to build their capacity in financial, administrative, and budgeting best practices. In the long run, this will help provide the aid necessary for low-income communities in Latin America. In 2022, Antonio will also continue to strengthen his capital/investment fund initiative, which will provide a compensation system(salary, benefits, commission) that will allow its members to benefit economically to a greater extent.
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