The brain behind the personal branding of famous hispanic entrepreneurs

The brain behind the personal branding of famous hispanic entrepreneurs

Javier Jaimes is a personal branding expert with extensive experience in the area of  Neurobranding, Javier Jaimes is also the  CEO of the Latin American Association of Speakers (ALAEX) based  in Miami, USA.

ALAEX is a workshop academy and the Product Launching agency ALAEX AGENCY, which generates more than 5 million in annual revenue representing different producers in the digital world, and their personal brands.

Javier has learned to recognize the key ingredients of success from  dozens of industries and trades, which allowed him to create a cutting-edge methodology from the inception to the development of personal brands.

Javier is focused on taking personal brands such as coaches, business people, entrepreneurs, service providers, professionals, leaders of multilevel or insurance agencies, realtors, and anyone else to the next level, assisting them to monetize their talent and turn it into a successful venture.

What motivated Javier to work in  the personal branding world  was the time he spent managing speakers and service professionals. Through this work, he met hundreds of entrepreneurs and speakers in need of monetizing their brands.

“Sometimes I am known as a producer of educational events, sometimes as a branding and marketing expert, and sometimes as an entrepreneur in the digital world. Everything has a transverse axis that is human relations and several parallels, which are the variants of the digital world.” Javier explains.

To get to where he is today, Javier has had to face difficulties including being kidnapped in his native country, bankruptcies, scams and losses, and finally, migrating to the United States in 2013. In order to overcome these challenges, Javier used a powerful weapon: his mindset.

“A positive and stubborn mindset is key to overcoming obstacles and challenges that may arise on the road to success. Having faith or confidence in your decisions and in your ability to cope with difficult situations, working patience and optimism helps you overcome many obstacles.” He adds.

Javier manages to stand out from others because most of his competition has no experience in personal branding, so they do not know how a marketing campaign works. They do not know how to create a funnel, capture leads, and fill events.

“They are theorists and university professors who impress with their academic achievements and their editorial proliferation, but they are not real entrepreneurs who have achieved significant gains with their own personal brand.” Javier comments.

Javier is a person with a genuine authenticity and credibility who is enthusiastic about what he does. He has very positive energy that is contagious for those around him. This makes him a good leader with clear vision and the ability to motivate and guide others to success.

“At this moment, I have helped hundreds but I think I can help thousands to achieve their goals and grow their personal brands.” Javier states.

Finally, he is looking to create systems of interpersonal relationships through education that allow the Hispanic world to have a connection with the Anglo-Saxon world. If you want to know more about Javier and ALAEX AGENCY, click here.