The Duo Known as The Italians Have Become a Nightlife Sensation: Who Are Alessandro Brioschi and Matteo Garzia?

The Duo Known as The Italians Have Become a Nightlife Sensation: Who Are Alessandro Brioschi and Matteo Garzia?

Alessandro Brioschi and Matteo Garzia also known as The Italians are a duo of professionals who run public promotions for various brands and venues in New York and have become a nightlife sensation. Originating from Italy, they reaped success in entertainment across Europe and decided to expand to the United States. 

Alessandro Brioschi and Matteo Garzia came to the United States 9 years ago, and since then they have been organizing Cannes film festival events for over six years until 2017 when they met the owners of the old Provocateur, who instantly wanted them in New York.

“Realizing our skills to run their club room, they asked us to move to New York and in just two months we were there.” Alessandro Brioschi says, and adds, “Since then we have gone from Provocateur to 1oak to Tao to Marquee.”

For years they have been throwing a must every Thursday at THE BLOND, 11 Howard. A party that attracts many guests and iconic celebrities who come to enjoy it weekly like Madonna, Cuba Junior, Alicia Keys, Declyn Lauper and others. 

We have been defined as ‘the new wave’ that New York has been waiting for a while, a kind of fresh air that climbed positions and places to get to where we are now.” Alessandro Brioschi shares.

The Italians have a fruitful and great relationship with Cipriani, they have been working for the brand for years, and because of their great work they now host the socialista lounge two nights a week with guests such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Jared Leto.

Additionally, Alessandro Brioschi and Matteo Garzia are the promotional head of teksupport, an elite techno and house music brand that generates events all over the United States with 5,000 people and is partnered with CircoLoco in Europe. 

We are the main promoters, VIP managers, and hosts for the brand. We work with a team of 25 people for any event.” Alessandr Brioschi explains, and says, “We brought this wave of techno-house to the United States, as we had already discovered it years ago in Europe.”

They also host Little Sister Lounge, a Tao group venue labeled as “hot and spicy” in the center of the city. For all of this, it can truly be said without fear of contradiction that The Italians entered the New York nightlife scene with force.

Although The Italians have been able to achieve success, in their beginnings they had to face and overcome the great obstacle of having changed their lives and moved to the United States where everything is different from European countries such as Italy.

Everything is different from Italy, starting with the language, the culture, the way of operating, the laws, the way of thinking, the way of working. We had to adapt to all this but now we have made a result to our scene.” Alessandro Brioschi recounts.

Through it all, it has been the fascination with the music, the good people, the celebrities, and the vibes that have propelled The Italians to work within the huge industry that nightlife entertainment represents.

Being on top of people’s lips when it comes to cool events and parties is empowering us to keep going and do even better.” Alessandro Brioschi states.

In order to continue growing within the industry, Alessandro Brioschi and Matteo Garzia are currently looking at the possibility of opening a couple of venues in the heart of New York City.

“We want to open a couple of lounge bars that will cater to an exclusive clientele and can definitely be a breath of fresh air in this concrete jungle.” He adds.

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