The Great Real Estate Company is Based in Los Angeles: Learn More About Alexander Polanco, the Owner of This Reputable Brokerage Firm

The Great Real Estate Company is Based in Los Angeles: Learn More About Alexander Polanco, the Owner of This Reputable Brokerage Firm

Alexander Polanco is the owner of The Great Real Estate Company, a reputable brokerage firm in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. Through the company, Alexander provides residential, commercial, luxury, and leasing services.

Initially, Alexander was working as a police officer being one of the deputies of the sheriff of Los Angeles county. But one day he noticed his sergeant signing some documents for the purchase of a house.

In a brief conversation with the real estate agent, Alexander realized the profits that the real estate industry offers, so he was motivated to prepare himself to become a real estate agent. 

That’s when a light bulb went off in my head. The realtor made $80,000 in two months and I made $120,000 in the whole year with the extra time as a deputy. At that moment I knew real estate was my next endeavor.” Alexander shares.

Once he joined the industry, Alexander realized the need for customer service and professionalism, since it was lacking in the real estate industry. This propelled him to give training to new agents with customer service in mind.

At first, Alexander was interested in real estate for the money, but later his motivation changed and it became his passion to help others realize their dream of becoming homeowners through The Great Real Estate Company.

Over time, experience has taught him that in the real estate industry, most agents are very cautious about providing any information about the industry, a fact that helps Alexander stand out from other real estate agents because he is transparent with information and provides it to anyone who needs it.

I’ve learned that in real estate people are extremely greedy with knowledge. They are definitely not going to share their knowledge. This is where I became a disruptor in the industry, since we openly give information to anyone.” Alexander explains.

In addition to this, Alexander is known for being very clear and straightforward in customer service, which sets him apart from others. While there are other brokerages that rely on lies to inflate their numbers, he focuses on quality and not quantity.

This way we can teach and educate agents on how to become successful, not necessarily top producing agents, but very successful and wealthy.” He adds.

In his future projects, Alexander is opening up the mortgage side of his business, expanding The Great Real Estate Company. Likewise, he will also start to manage a franchising market.

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