The Imperium Equity Group is a Financial Research Firm That Offers Retail and Institutional Investors With the Services and Information They Need To Value Digital Assets

The Imperium Equity Group is a Financial Research Firm That Offers Retail and Institutional Investors With the Services and Information They Need To Value Digital Assets

Oleh Pylypiv is a 24-year-old serial investor and entrepreneur from Ukraine based in the United States. He is a co-founder of Imperium Equity Group, a financial research firm that helps retail and institutional investors with professional services and information on digital assets. 

In particular, Imperium Equity Group offers investors professional research, analysis and valuation of new emerging digital projects and traditional equity assets to help them grow exponentially. 

I am a professional investor in digital assets and traditional equities and derivatives trader, for the past four years I have mainly focused on private placements in emerging technologies in the digital asset space, which is dedicated to solving major liquidity and user experience issues and providing great performance and growth opportunities.” Oleh says.

For Oleh, it all started when he moved to the United States when he was 19 years old. Since then, he worked in the telecommunications sector for 100 hours a week for three years.

I was constantly investing all the money I was making to gain exposure and expertise in digital assets and traditional equity markets.” Oleh shares.

This is how Oleh realized that there was not a lot of information online or anywhere on digital assets and how they can be valued and used. 

When I first got into the financial markets there was a lot of information about general topics on the internet (90% was from the traditional equity sector), but almost nothing about digital assets and the specific ways they can be valued and managed properly in your portfolio, as it was the new asset class that no one knew anything about and was very cautious. That’s where I started looking for like-minded people online and at various digital asset conferences who can share their experience, thoughts, and research in the space so we can grow together as a company and help other like-minded people.” Oleh explains.

When Oleh started learning about financial markets and investing in general, he was amazed by the process of wealth creation through equity investments and the idea of being a professional long-term investor.

It is an industry where it’s impossible to predict what’s going to happen tomorrow or even the next hour, so you always have to be cautious of various factors and potential risks. That’s what makes it unique for me.” Oleh adds.

In this industry, only 3 percent of investors succeed, which makes Oleh very humble about his achievements. In addition to providing financial research and helping retail and institutional investors value emerging digital projects and assets, Imperium Equity Group also led to the creation of a private community of investors and traders.

Through a private community of investors and traders backed by the firm, investors and traders can share their thoughts and investment ideas to grow and evolve faster.” He says.

Although when Oleh first got into this industry there was little to no information on digital assets and investing, times have changed and other firms offering similar services have emerged. But for Oleh this is not a problem. 

If you don’t have a good competitor, at some point you will find yourself stuck in implementing innovation in your product or service, so for me, good competitors are a necessity because they help me grow faster. While many people don’t like to compete, I love it and constantly seek competition.” Oleh explains.

Similarly, Oleh does not shy away from fear. After years of learning about his industry and creating his own projects, he has been able to understand fear in business and use it to his benefit.

“Fear has two sides: it can kill your dreams and ambitions if you fall into it, or it will force you to act and start making difficult and uncomfortable decisions that will change your life and shape you as a person. For me, it is a tool that will make me a better person if I take action and fight it constantly. I am afraid from time to time, it’s normal for everyone. The point is that if I have fear or doubts, I know that I have taken the right path and it’s time to push harder to achieve it.” He says.

Oleh’s future plans include exploring new ventures and investment opportunities with his team at In his plans, Oleh and his team at Imperium Equity Group, and taking their business overseas. They recently had their first project with European clients, and hope to build off that and use the experience to also enter the Asian markets by the end of the year. 

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