The new TRI-99 TV Network platform is live : Learn About Dujuan Dixon and 99 Characters Entertainment, the Creative Collaborative Network

The new TRI-99 TV Network platform is live : Learn About Dujuan Dixon and 99 Characters Entertainment, the Creative Collaborative Network

Dujuan Dixon is the founder and CEO running the entertainment, promotions, and productions company called 99 Characters Entertainment, which works with a group of content creators referred to as Hyena Skits The Creative Collaborative Network.  

Dujuan was raised by a single mother and seven uncles who were community leaders and talented artists. While he was growing up he learned from the experiences of other people. 

One day I realized that working twice a day only paid the bills. I realized that I couldn’t eat what I wanted every day and I couldn’t buy music without having to worry about finances, so I got into the drug game and became a drug dealer.” Dujuan shares.

For a long time, Dujuan continued his life procuring for himself while in the world of drugs until he had a bad car accident on New Year’s Eve and was caught with a legal weapon  and drugs while driving drunk. 

By the grace of God and due to the fact that I applied for a gun license my charges were reduced to probation only.” Dujuan says.

Prior to the accident, Dujuan had already started working at a starter sales company, and so following the accident he was able to work his way up in this company using his salesmanship and team first attitude . 

“I started working with a start-up sales company of 6 employees which grew to 12 soon after. I was promoted and became the top salesperson in a team of up to 50 employees in two years breaking countless records. I enjoyed this job for 8 years until one day the company closed due to financial problems.” Dujuan recounts.

When the time came, he was approached to join an artist management company called Truth 24/7, of which he was released for reasons he couldn’t understand. Throughout his life, Dujuan was always told he was funny, and he had always been a lover of comedies like Martin and Inliving Color. 

So not having any contractual relationship tying me to any company motivated me and I started pursuing my dreams as a content creator and networker.” Dujuan recounts.

His inspiration has been different comedy and acting superstars such as Kennan Ivory Wayans, Jamie Foxx, Jim Carrey, Damien Wayans, David Alan Greir, Jennifer Lopez, Tommy Davidson, and more. 

In January of this year, 99 Characters Entertainment will begin broadcasting through TRI-99 TV, which can be viewed using RokuTV, FireTv, AppleTV, GoogleTV, and Android and Apple IOS mobile apps. 

TRI-99 TV is a TV network designed as The Netflix for the independent giving your average joe opportunity for there on TV shows like the big dogs.All about high-impact raw comedy series, livestreams, skits, and more. In addition, TRI-99 TV will provide some of its airtime for podcast hosts, recording artists, other content creators, and also tutoring teachers. 

Through the many different things Dujuan has done through his career, he differentiates himself as an entertainment businessman and content creator from others like him for the type of work he conducts.

We have the HYENA SKITS content creation team, which is a collaboration of all the talents of content creators, from directors, actors, comedians, videographers, and models. We create live shows, improv, puppet shows for the community, sketch comedy, and now on to producing a comedy known as Juan99. We are made up of multi-talented people, we sure have everything you need as a modern content creator.” Dujuan explains.

At HYENA SKITS they work as a barter system or in exchange for other services, ensuring a mutually beneficial environment of collaboration and creativity.

Lastly, while doing business or creating content, Dujuan understands the importance of having a good mindset. It can be the backbone of any business or project and the key to success.

There will be skeptics, yes men, enemies, non-believers and lack of support everywhere. So it’s important to have your head and mind in the right place to stay focused on the task at hand and take your hits as you go, grow, heal and flourish your business.” Dujuan states.

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