The Sultan of Beauty, Yamen Chaer, Runs His Surgery Center Both for Reconstructive & Aesthetic Purposes

The Sultan of Beauty, Yamen Chaer, Runs His Surgery Center Both for Reconstructive & Aesthetic Purposes

Yamen Chaer Rafeh, aka The Sultan of Beauty, is a Venezuelan plastic surgeon with Syrian heritage. He is currently settled in Colombia, where he offers his beauty services as a doctor. He leads a plastic surgery agency, where he realizes reconstructive and aesthetic surgeries.

From a young age, Yamen  was interested in art, medicine and helping people. This is why he decided to specialize in plastic surgery since it mixes both science and art together. He obtained his degree in Brazil, but has studies from other countries as well, like Venezuela, Syria, Cuba and Belgium. This not only helped him grow academically, but culturally as well.

Yamen also speaks 4 languages: Arabic, Spanish, English and Portuguese. He believes this helps him improve his communication with his patients; they can express their concerns and expectations in the language they are most comfortable with. He gives security and safety to people traveling from other countries to have the surgery with him.

After earning his degree, he wanted to use his skills to help people, which motivated him to open his own surgery center. Yamen also comments that we live in a world with daily improvements and technologies, so it is his responsibility to stay updated to bring the best service to his patients.

In his road to create his own business, the main challenges he faced were his internal negative thoughts and the negative energy from some people. Working in his beliefs and thoughts is what helped him the most. The negative thoughts may always be there, so it’s your job to fight them with the positive ones stating that you can achieve what you want. And this will also help you to step aside from the negative people and surround yourself with the ones that supported him.

“I don’t feel any type of competition in my field. I try to focus on myself, giving the best of myself without looking at others. WIth much discipline, my patients will know firsthand that they are with a doctor that fulfills their expectations and is confident. I trust my knowledge and my years of experience and practice”, he comments.

To all those that want to start their own business, Yamen recommends to first focus on yourself. Focus on acquiring the skills and learning that will help you personally grow, and then move that to the entrepreneurial side. Once you’re managing your business, you will have to get out of your comfort zone and never stop dreaming big.

In the future, Yamen wants to make his services accessible to more people. “Plastic surgery is a specialty that only few can purchase. With the help of institutions and organizations, I want to improve the life quality of many people. For example, low income people that suffer from congenital malformations that disrupts their self-esteem, or burning aftermaths, breast cancer survivors, and people who have suffered accidents” he shares.

Yamen’s motto and favorite phrase is “growth never happens by chance. It is the result of forces that work together”, by James Cash Penney. Living by these words, he continues to work to help others in his area and to widen his patient reach.