Vibrant, Healthy Smile? Andrea Ramirez Atalla Provides All Her Clients Natural, Elegant & Beautiful Results Through The Latest Technology Within The Industry

Vibrant, Healthy Smile? Andrea Ramirez Atalla Provides All Her Clients Natural, Elegant & Beautiful Results Through The Latest Technology Within The Industry

Our smile is a way to express our emotions, communicate and make connections with the people in our life. In that sense, cosmetic dentistry is about more than just aesthetic beauty, since not only will you get that perfect smile, but cosmetic dentistry promotes oral hygiene, enhances oral function and improves oral health. The truth is that the benefits from cosmetic dentistry go beyond our looks and include much more! It will also help boost self-esteem and give back the confidence people may have lost, which is a very important part in everyone’s lives.

In that context, Andrea Ramirez Atalla is a successful Colombian dentist with more than 7 years of experience within the industry. She runs a dental clinic that offers all types of specialties, where Andrea is fully dedicated to dental aesthetics and orofacial harmonization. She also offers conferences and training for dentists and has a spa dedicated exclusively to facial care, where they have aesthetics and cosmetology professionals with technology state-of-the-art at the main service of beauty.

What’s more, Andrea also has a line of organic and non-toxic natural cosmetics that has been very successful in the industry, and she will be launching her online academy really soon!

“I am also about to graduate from my specialization in orofacial harmonization. My focus has always been aesthetics and harmony in all its aspects and I have trained with the best in the industry for over 7 years to give the best to my patients and position myself among the best in my area, which has always been led by men”, Andrea shares.

Part of her mission in cosmetic dentistry is to change the perception that a beautiful smile should look artificial. The current trend of “Hollywood Smile” has really harmed the health of patients, while social media, celebrities and influencers impose artificial canons of beauty guided by unreal filters.

Part of the huge success that Andrea has had in her career is for going against fake smiles. In fact, her smile designs perfectly blend with real teeth and, for Andrea, that is the main purpose of dental aesthetics! 

“My videos of transforming artificial smiles into natural ones have millions of views on social media and have brought me hundreds of thousands of followers who love my work”, Andrea adds.

In addition, she doesn’t focus on selling treatments. Her main focus is helping people, she doesn’t practice any treatment that she wouldn’t do to herself. Andrea believes that currently the industry of aesthetics is full of unnecessary treatments and that is time to stop that! 

She manages to stand out from the crowd because she was the pioneer in facial harmonization for dentists in Colombia for over 7 years and also for the high quality of her work. Andrea offers all her patients natural, elegant and beautiful results, since she works with the latest technology and the best materials on the market.

“If you’re looking to start your new business I advise you to have a differential factor, not to do what everyone else does. It’s important to specialize in something and work hard to be the best at it. Also, to be disciplined to build your brand or business day-to-day. There will be some days better than others but every day teach us something new”, Andrea advises.

For Andrea, one of the most important challenges that women dentists face today is to lead the spaces and scenarios that for years have been led by men. Also, to break schemes and demonstrate that women are professional businesswomen, mothers, wives, friends and that they can play each role perfectly.

She is currently working on her online training courses for dentists and in the expansion of her brand of natural products, as well as continuing taking her natural dentistry philosophy worldwide!

To find out more about Andrea, check out her website here. You can also follow her on Instagram here.